Promotion "Over the Line" and "Under the Line"

The promotion can be classified loosely as "over the line" and "under the line" promotion. Mass media such as television, radio, newspaper etc. Promotional activities performed by the company exceed the line promotion.

"Underline" promotion or communication refers to forms of non-media communication, not media advertising. The promotions described below are becoming increasingly important in the communication composition of many companies, not only in fmcg products, but also in industrial products.

Some ways companies make BTL (under the line). exhibitions, sponsorship activities, PRs and sales promotions, such as the release of merchandise, commercial discounts for merchants and customers, product price reductions, subsequent purchases of coupons, etc.

. 19659002] Under-the-Line Sales Promotions are short-term incentives that are largely targeted at consumers. The growing pressure of the marketing team to achieve communication goals more effectively in a limited budget made it necessary to learn more efficient and cost-effective ways of communicating with target markets. This has led to a shift from regular media-based advertising.

Definition of off-line sales promotion by Hugh Davidson:

"Immediate or late purchase incentive, expressed in cash or in kind". and only short-term or temporary. ”

Methods Under Line Sales

1. Price promotions

Discounts are generally referred to as "discounts." There are two ways to do this:

(1) Discount on the normal selling price of the product, or

(2) Multiple products at normal price

However, the discount is a negative effect if the brand's reputation is impaired or it is only a temporary sale. growth (below discounts) followed by a lull when the discount is called.

2nd Coupons

Coupons are another, very versatile way to discount. Consider the following examples of using coupons:

– On a package that aims to encourage repeated purchases

– Coupon books sent in newspapers that allow customers to redeem the coupon at a retailer

– as part of a coupon ad [19659002] – At the beginning of revenues

The main purpose of coupon promotion is to maximize the redemption rate – this is the proportion of customers who actually use the coupon

The use of coupon promotions is often the best for new products or maybe to encourage the sale of existing products.

3rd Shopping Gift

"Shopping Gift" is a very common promotional technique. In this system, the buyer gets something extra for the purchased normal goods. Best for

– subscription-based products (such as magazines)

– Consumer Luxury (eg Perfumes)

4. Competitions and awards

This is an important tool to increase brand awareness among target consumers. Can be used to increase temporary sales and use for first-time users.

5th Refunds

Here the buyer receives a refund of money after submitting the purchase certificate.

Customers often look at these systems with suspicion, especially if the method of obtaining a refund is unusual or burdensome.

6th Frequent user / loyalty incentives

Repeated purchases can be stimulated by frequent user incentives. Perhaps the best example is airlines, train companies, car rental companies, etc. Used by many frequent flyers or user systems

7. Selling Points

Shopping habits change for people living in metropolitan cities. People prefer big retail stores like Big Bazaar in the local Kirana shops. Most of the purchase decisions are presented at these retail outlets in sales outlets


Most of the big brands follow the promotion of BTL due to the rise

Some interesting examples are:

Most Education institutions such as career opportunities, time and PT provide informative workshops and free tests for students who are directly interacting with these institutions with the direct client and thus the appropriate sales platform.

The ringtones and music videos of mobile phones help the entertainment industry to promote the video or the inexpensive movie.

Various companies support sports events to promote their brands, but nowadays, media companies like the Hindustan Times hold weekly events outside the country to try to get companies to place their booths, display banners and posters, and take care of some about entertainment. These events provide a platform for companies at a very low price to promote their brand and increase visibility among target consumers. These companies also receive discount coupons for winners in games that increase the sales of products and ensure that users try these products for the first time


Most pharmacy companies offer BTL promotion by storing products with the help of doctors or releasing free calcium tablets through doctors. knowing that for a patient a personal advisory is more valuable than a commercial advertisement

Another interesting BTL promotion at NIKE was a Nike sportswear athlete on a high treadmill. all day on Delhi National Highway 8

BTL promotions are becoming more and more popular among large companies today, considering their effectiveness at "individual customer promotion", much lower than normal media promotions.

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