Preparing a Hurricane to help keep you alive and secure

As soon as he begins to get the news of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Irma, let alone mentioning Jose's coming behind, he might think about his small countryside; Are you safe and do you escape when a big, wind, rain, and wave funnel comes after your town? Proper hurricane preparation, hurricane stocks and some planning can be safe. It also helps you approach your family closer.

Hurricane Planning

A great hurricane leader and a hurricane kit will offer you through the hurricane. Think about what happens when you're on a hurricane. The width of the winds is fairly high (according to category 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) up to 200 miles per hour. No matter where you "land" as you head for it, trees can get out of the way, roads can catch up and power lines will fall off. This can of course be dangerous on the roads, even if you want to go.

You probably have power before you even feel the wind and / or rain, so use the time to watch the television and listen to the radio about what's coming. At this time, planning should take place if you have not done so well enough:

Collect the materials to help you survive for a few days. It will be a "Go-Bag" or a hurricane kit and must be prepared when needed.

* Paper Maps from the local area to your safest location is a good idea. This can mean the state border, or at least completely from the danger zone. Do not depend on your cell phone's Google Maps application because the signal does not necessarily work.

* Hand Crank Listen to News and Disaster Updates. If you have a good battery, you'll get plenty of batteries so you do not have to go to the store, which is probably out there when you get there. [19645004] * Water for all members of the party. Each member will need about one gallon. Pack more if you are hot and do any violent activity for survival. Do not worry as much as bathing water as this luxury can be ignored for a few days. Medications: All normal, normal medicines are packaged for everyone. Include plenty of antiseptic or medical wipes. The complete first aid kit must also be packaged. A purge tablet or bottle of water should be placed in the bag. You also want to include real valuable paperwork and / or stuff that robbers love if they are not there to protect them. A sharp knife, shelter for shelter and sleeping bags should also be included. Be careful in packing your weapons unless you know the laws of your territory and the area you enter. Do not be shy of the authorities who look the other way in this case.

* Food: Hurricane supplies should contain enough food for your family. This includes simple things that do not need to be heated, as this convenience may be difficult to find for a while. Previously Purchased Dehydrated Foods Are Ideal

If you are able to take off from the vehicle or the truck area, weight is not necessarily a problem, but if you are walking, someone else's weight will be a big problem and all of the above sets will need a backpack or gloves to all members of the party, so carefully design this.

Preparing the House

may help to have a drier place to return. Anything that the wind collects and throws into its windows must be included. This can prevent looters from gaining access to them. This includes the herbs and the cute gnomes that are in the yard to make nasty torpedoes when they are thrown to the terrace door. Grilling in the shed or in the garage, as well as tables and chairs.

A few days before the storm, if there are still pieces of wood, open plywood and install them at least on large windows. It does not matter if the house is destroyed or blown, but if not, these few steps will help gather things and less water and damage can enter your house. You could go for the sandbags to fit all the outside doors and basements. Many communities offer a large pile of sand in some of these situations. Check the news to see if this is available in your area.

Even if you evacuate to a secure security center that the city or the state has in a safe area, keeping your home can help you get back to business after all sounded clean.

If the storm does not actually physically hit your house, you may want to hit it. Follow the instructions above to prepare your home and consider purchasing a generator. This may be necessary because even if the hurricane is missing in your home or neighborhood, the electric current is a bit further away and can be switched off.


Quick look at hurricane making: [19659004]

  1. As soon as you hear the storm, Progress with TV and Radio
  2. Start the Go-Bag packaging.
  3. Check the open pieces of wood and clean up the yard
  4. Sit out when and when it's geared up, follow your plans, and be patient on the road because many people are fighting for their piece.
  5. If you're going to a local security center, be polite and we know that everyone has difficulties too.

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