Past Life Regression

She works in a law firm. He's on the weekend to catch up with some typing, but he doesn't mind working overtime because he likes to keep everything on Monday. He tells him that the year is in 1941 and he listens to the radio. Gerry asks who is playing on the radio. He has since responded to some music groups. Benny Goodman is currently in his mind in 1941. So, after collecting the tiny details of that day, he tells him: "Okay, in a moment, I can raise your arm and throw it away and when I want you to go for the most important day. It's life … Plop." the same day, the same event, and Gerry like it, okay, here we are …

Suddenly you hear the radio. "We cancel this broadcast to announce that Pearl Harbor is just attacked Japan! "His voice will be very excited and rise in his head and turn off the radio." I should have gone home and tell my parents! "He runs down the stairs, runs down the street, and hits a bus!

Wow, a bus hit! I think was the most significant day of his life The interesting thing about this regression was that he knew all the names, addresses and phone numbers he knew. lawyer's name, brother's name, etc. About six weeks later, after this wonderful past, Gerry calls his mother. All the facts and details that appeared during the regression were checked and compiled. The law firm still has the same name in 1941 and lives in the city described there. The brother was called. Can you imagine? "Hi, my name is so, and so I was my sister," your dead sister was born again. Click – Put it down! Gerry asked them to inform him that if they get more information, please call back. It turned out that the former Florida brother of AKA, his dead sister, finally heard what he said and reluctantly agreed to get up to meet.

At this meeting they were taken to the law firm and described the interior of the building as if he knew. When she noticed inside her that the architecture had changed, some of her loved ones and some felt they shouldn't have changed. It turned out that the sons of retired and abandoned fathers who were formerly practicing lawyers were now operating the office. This Florida girl has provided them with details of their father's practices and their father's, which are directly related to reality. Then he was taken to the house where he grew up. His brother had lived there in his past life. He inherited the house from his parents after they passed away. They took her home and knew the layout of the house as if she lived there. She took her old bedroom and became very excited. He asked for a pole rod or screwdriver or some kind of proud tool. He went to his old wardrobe and began to preach on one of the seats on the floorboards, which were the old ones, which were very tall. He removed the motherboard from the wall and entered the wall. Then he grabbed the money-filled mason jar, the old money like the silver dollar and the currency. Saved to buy a car and just remembered where his stash was! Later he was taken to his own grave, but in no way was his emotion.

by Tim Bartley

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