How to select your radio operator?

If you are bouncing on satellite radio then an interesting dilemma arises. There are two satellite radio service providers, Sirius and XM Radio. You may think, "It must be great – only two of the two have to choose to make my decision easier." Unfortunately, it can not be as easy as you would think. You see, the two companies suggested a merger last year. Although they have not been accepted yet, they have not protested.

So if you do not want to wait for the merger actually take place, then you have to choose and have two sides to make this choice. First, go along and compare what the two services offer and do not think about the merger. You decide what you think, it offers better channels and programming. Subscribe and everything goes well. You enjoy your service and finally remember which channel is located.

Then the merger comes, and it will be one of two scenarios. Or whatever you know and love about a selected provider, it does, you can only choose multiple channels (belonging to another company); Egypt, one or more channels that made you go to the service provider you went to, dumped to provide space for another channel.

On the other hand, when you compare the providers with the mind, "well, when the merger is done, I will get everything", it can be disappointing. Although this may be the case, there is still a very real chance that the merger will not happen long enough or at all. So, you need to make sure that you go with the service provider that best suits your needs.

Some key points that people compare with:

Cost – this is the biggest factor for most people. The basic monthly subscription is exactly the same for the two companies currently at $ 12.95 per month. However, you can pay with Sirius monthly, but you have to pay at least quarterly at XM (you pay three months at a time). Both monthly subscriptions include online monitoring, but do not include the cost of the device (whether portable, at home or in the car). Both companies will be able to make a prepayment for a year (or more) in advance, which will be "11 months of purchase, 1 month free".

Another factor for the comparison between the two providers is the cancellation policy (because you may only opt to choose an incorrect option, so you want to know if you need to pay for the service) and the tools with which you can purchase the service. Both companies offer home, car and portable players.

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Talk with the radio show – the cost-benefit of your own Talk Radio Show

One of the first benefits of own radio broadcasting is the cost. Do you think any radio program, where the radio station or the broadcasting network pays, serves as a radio personality to the host? Are well. And of course, there are many radio conversation personalities who get paid conversations for big money. There are some conversations we are familiar with, such as sport, liberal politics, conservative politics, finance, health, religion, and other radio shows. Of course, they get the big money. This is because they pay the fees and build a tracking.

There are, however, literally thousands of "conveyed" talk shows with someone who has the idea and dream of a local radio station going and paid for a 30 minute to 1 hour radio talk show. Of course, most of them came out and found sponsors for airtime, but this is how most radio talkers hosted the student base.

Internet connection with radio does not have to pay for Internet "air / time" time. You do not have to go out and give sponsors spots, so you can afford to show your show.

A lot of conveyed "On Air" conventional radio broadcasts, larger audience areas than major cities, monthly cost-does not include the cost of the studio engine and the manufacturer. You still have to pay for them, which means you have to turn to more sponsors who are willing to pay more money for their ads at the show or you have to cash in person to cover the difference. This is not the Internet Talk Radio service with the features suggested by this guide. There is no additional cost for an engineer or manufacturer.

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How Internet TV, Radio and Printing Changed

The entertainment industry has not only changed its landscape on the Internet, but has also affected the broadcasting and publishing world of TV, radio and print. Below we analyze each sector and how it has affected the powerful tornado across the globe that is called the Internet.

(1) TV and Radio

The old rituals placed in front of the box at a specific time, on a given day – are now archaic. We can catch all of our favorite shows online in a spell or in another form.

The annotations claimed that in the future all television shows appear on the internet, where unwarranted many other viewers are recorded than ever on a TV channel. The world's public has opened up, and this is explained by how the Internet has changed the planet.

The mystery and seduction of TV is faded, as people can get news and rumors about their favorite TV shows online, where it is common knowledge that what will happen on the show before it even appears on TV.

(2) Radio

Surely the Internet has changed the radio broadcast data as well. We now have access to listening to online radio stations and downloading podcasts to missed shows.

The Internet dramatically changed the way we communicate with local radio stations, where everything is instant, and presentations are virtually delivered by posts and posts that people – texts, tweets, Facebook posts and emails.

By accident, all this can be done on a moving road through the smart phone that fits perfectly with the radio, as we are inclined to listen to many people during commute.

(3) Print – Books, Magazines, Newspapers

Is there an industry that is not affected by this incredible phenomenon? The Internet has changed the printing environment, leaving the industry in the background.

People are now in my ear to the parties on holiday, instead of a nasty heavy book; they read web news instead of trying to go to the local newsstand. These are just two examples of a very long list of how the internet is introduced to change people's daily lives.

Traditional printing companies saw their revenue disappearing, and now they have to figure out how to digitize their content to get the new consumer variety up.

Some arguments that the news bulletin is of high quality for the physical press and where their competitive advantage lies.

However, this USP will certainly not last forever, as companies now create huge sums of money to build a strong online presence, with highly respected editors and journalists taking part in the challenge.

This new era of information brought a new kind of reporter – formerly a "blogger". The Internet has changed the way we look at these people who are often treated as experts in their territory. They have become key influences and tastes in society, sometimes even stronger than a newspaper or magazine editor.

The unexpected world storm, the so-called Internet that has affected our planet in recent years, has affected both aspects of our personal and working lives. After we have destroyed life as we have known; Now it has opened new waters for us, full of stimulating business opportunities for brave navigation and fishing.

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How do radio stations choose which songs to play?

If you've ever listened to a radio station, you might have thought about how to select the songs that need to be downloaded. The answer is simple and complicated.

You may be surprised to find out that the music selection in all shows is very rare to Air Personality. Today's song schedule includes sophisticated computer programs as well.

How it works

Most radio stations, or sometimes groups of stations, employ music directors. It is his job to listen to the new releases sent by record publishers every week. These are known as Promo Copies and are free of charge. The stations have been kicking them long before we hear them in the air. It may be 20 or 30 such mailings or even online, as a sound file per week. Record label companies do this because the song played on the radio encourages the sale. When you hear the song you want, you try to purchase or order it in a music collection.

In the audience, the music director often joins the program director and is a group of performers (DJs) who are a small committee. They listen to and appreciate the suitability of each song to the sound of the station and the ability to become a believer. Most bids are rejected and they only make a small proportion of the air. This active song group is the current playlist.

For small stations, the program manager can make all the decisions. Sometimes the record companies employ representatives who bring the songs to the radio staff. It's called Pluggers. In most parts of the world, it is illegal for them to offer any financial incentive for the game. This is called Payola, and there were many scandals in this activity. However, wheels are very often oiled, concert tickets are awarded for student fees or even artistic interviews.

After a song is put on the Playlist, many radio stations use sophisticated market research techniques to play the optimal rotation. This is the repetition frequency that satisfies the student's desire to hear his favorite song. The basic goal is to play songs not too often or rarely.

Radio stations use a sample of their audiences to get a general picture of this popularity. Usually it involves playing short tracks of songs (the bits you remember) and asks whether respondents are more or less often heard of them. The results are then backed up to the scheduling computer or raised or lowered the game. As this type of test is performed on a telephone, Call-Out Tracking belongs to this term. This method generally applies to the Current Song category. That's maybe 20 fancy moments at the moment.

When a song loses its appeal, they say it's Burnt. The latest songs are called Breakers

Radio stations often evaluate other songs by using another system called Auditorium Music Testing.

Again, a sample set is used that represents the solid cross-section of the target market. Maybe a hundred people are invited to a theater where the radio station will play a large number of Hooks. When playing clips, participants will have to evaluate songs on a scale of 1 to 5. This is the level of love and hate appeal. When these votes are tabulated, besides the information on the social class and age, a snapshot of the songs to the station is being made. In order for this information to be valid, the host repeatedly repeats this procedure several times a year.

The core song group is Core. These are the most important songs that determine the station voice. This creates a music footprint that identifies the product and distinguishes a radio station from the other.

Radio is a highly competitive business, and more importantly, advertisers only spend the highest ranking stations. Using and applying Music Research, radio stations can compete between audience and revenue.

About the Author:

Gavin McCoy is a UK based award-winning radio and marketing consultant.

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Satellite Radio: Installation Costs

The cost of satellite radio equipment can be divided into two different categories: startup (installation costs) and monthly subscription to XM satellite radio or Sirius satellite radio. Receivers and installation hardware, activation costs are the costs of starting. Bettors are available for your car, home, computer, and now portable receivers. So how much does the satellite radio installation cost?

The installation costs for satellite radios are broken down as follows:

Activation costs are the sums that both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio charge for launching the service. Activation costs vary, where $ 5.00 for Sirius and $ 9.99 will be ready for XM. Phone activation is $ 15.00 for Sirius and $ 14.99 for XM. Monthly subscription costs are cost-effective, but these are based on certain factors. Recent media campaigns dramatically reduce installation and activation costs, and XM and Sirius are free to activate in some cases. More details are available at

The typical cost of car satellite radio varies depending on whether you are using satellite radio,

Radio $ 125- 250

Antenna $ 60.00

Work $ 80.00

$ 10

activation $ 196.00


Total $ 400 – $ 600

The typical cost of home-based satellite radio equipment:

For this to work, you have to choose to install a dedicated stereo receiver unit. Common AM / FM receivers are very similar to satellite receivers. The built-in auxiliary input is used for connection and uses an antenna to receive transmission content.

150 $ – $ 300

Antenna $ 60.00

Activation $ 10


Total $ 220- $ 370

Portable units are now offered and make it easier to use satellite radio anywhere. All rooms in the house require a home set, which includes antennas, output cables, and power supplies. Home kits offer flexibility and ease of use, as they can be connected to home stereo, computer and boom boxes. The installation cost of portable satellite radios is as follows:

The typical costs are as follows:

Buyer $ 120

Home $ 140

Boombox X 2 $ 100

Activation $ 10


Total $ 370

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Finding the best cell phone cases

A new mobile phone gives you a good mobile phone cover. Search for comfort, protection, durability and style. The cell case can make a fashion statement and want to find one that reflects your own unique personality. You can choose from several different types of cell holder. Leather, aluminum and nylon are durable and provide excellent protection for the cell. All these materials are durable, but the skin type covers are the most suitable.

Skin, silicone and neoprene are all soft phone cases. Your mobile phone just slides into the case and the case itself comes with a clip so you can attach it to your belt or wallet. This is very comfortable for a person on the go. Most of these soft cases come with designs or bright colors. Handmade leather cases are a professional fashion statement and are a bit more expensive and can cost up to $ 50. If you're looking for a Louis Vuitton leather suitcase, you're doing some pretty things, going to a fortune, but it's definitely worth it.

Nylon velcro fasteners are not so fashionable but they provide good protection against scratches and grains. These cases are created in a variety of colors and styles, and there is a clip that can be attached to your belt. If you like this most industrial type phone case, you can go online and explore different brands. The Rugged Equipment brand puts very nice mobile phone cases that cost about $ 30. These cases are indestructible.

You can find a wide selection of mobile phone covers on the Internet and at the local level. Check out the local shopping mall with the phone case and the covered kiosk. These small stores contain hundreds of different cell enclosures and can be selected for you. Some are simple, others have plans and themes. Your local cell phone store also has a number of phone issues to fit your exact cell phone. If you want to buy a designer leather phone case, you want to buy a special leather shop. You can search for any type or style from the cell phone case, just make sure it meets your needs and make sure it is good for your phone.

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Prepaid Mobile: The Best 2014 Contract Mobile Phone Plan

As you know, mobile phone plans will become more expensive this month. Among the many struggling households, these price increases have picked up their motorways, looking for a lot of people looking for cheaper telephone plans. As the deregulation of telecommunications markets began to unfold 20 years ago, we saw that the communication marketplace is changing and dramatically evolving. This industry is now in a major transition phase and there are clear leaders who are in the race. They found a trend that shows how consumers replace long-term contracts with low-cost, prepaid, non-contract mobile phone plans, and large wireless companies are not beneficial.

Some companies, the low cost prepaid mobile wireless service provider, are now making significant advances in the market and today we are here to look at the 2014 best mobile phones without the best contracts and are as follows:

1. Virgin Mobile – Virgin Mobile has a fully charged and truly unlimited prepaid contract with no credit insurance mobile phone plan at extremely low prices. Here are the following:

• 3G / 4G network coverage

• Unlimited conversation, text and data

• Smartphone compatible

• Prepaid plans

• No contract

• No credit check

• Plans starting at $ 35 / mo

2. Boost Mobile – Boost has been operating for years and are able to offer unpaid wireless mobile phone plans. The benefits associated with most mobile subscriptions are shared with other companies, but the closest plan offers only 3G basic services for basic, non-smart phones.

• 3G network coverage

• Unlimited conversation, text and data

• For standard phones

• Prepaid plans

• No contract

• Create your own device

• Basic plans starting at $ 50 / mo

3. Sprint as you go – Sprint is number 3 when it comes to the size of the largest mobile phone network. Sprint offers its prepaid wireless plan version of Sprint as your Go plan. This Sprint bidding is great for those who already have Sprint-compatible phones. You can bring your own phone, knowing that one of the country's most popular wireless networks will serve you.

• 3G network coverage

• Unlimited conversation, text and data

• Focused on basic flip style phones

• Prepaid plans

• No contract

• Get your own phone

• Basic Plans Starting at $ 50 / mo

It is obvious that Virgin Mobile provides the best bang for your buck, including the ability to make your own smart phone with a prepaid non-contract mobile phone plan. You can now browse the web through unlimited data from the latest smartphones.

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10 Things, Mobile Phones Will Do In 10 Years

The cell phones in the past were only used to make phone calls, but those days are long gone now. In today's world, where change is the only constant, cell phones have been upgraded with lots of new technological features.

1. Mobile phone – A complete wallet

A new technology standard called "near-field communications" or NFC will turn cell phones into credit or debit cards. The chip is also embedded in a phone that allows you to make a payment using a touch-sensitive interface or by bringing the phone within few centimeters of an NFC reader. Your credit card account or bank account is charged accordingly.

2. The World Wide Web in your pocket

Today many smart phones already provide full HTML browsers. Nokia's latest N-series and E-series phones, which run Opera browsers for the Symbian operating system, are among the most advanced. In the future, these mobile HTML browsers will make their way onto even the most basic phones.


3rd Location, location, location

Due to a Federal Communications Commission mandate that requires operators to locate people when they dial 911 in an emergency, a large number of mobile phones sold in the United States already have integrated GPS (global positioning system) chips . While these chips are used by some mobile operators to pinpoint users' locations when they are in danger, they can also be used to support a variety of location-related services.

4. Search goes mobile

Mobile search will become a standard feature on all handsets over the next three years. Most phones will likely have search built into their main screens, with a search icon prominently featured next to the time and the icons depicting battery and signal strength. Some phones will actually have a search button on the keypad or protruding from the case. While the big guys – Google and Yahoo – will certainly have a presence on mobile devices, such as one available from JumpTap, will also be popular because they allow carriers to brand the service as their own.

5. TV on the go-go

Mobile TV in all its forms is expected to explode in the next few years. IMS Research forecasts that by 2011 there will be more than 30 million mobile TV subscribers in the United States. The firm also predicts that nearly 70 million handsets capable of receiving mobile TV will be shipped in the US. in 2011.

Consumers will have access to a wide range of TV options on their phones, from original and professionally produced content to repurposed clips to live broadcasts and user-generated clips. Experts believe there will be a spike in mobile TV usage in 2008 when the Summer Olympics in Beijing are scheduled to take place.

6. Simplified surfing

Ever notice how many clicks it takes to find the one thing you're looking for on your phone? It's worse than counting how many clicks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. But handset makers and mobile operators are hard at work trying to make phones easier to navigate and more simple to use. You can easily access, browse and explore the latest mobile software and games with your mobile phone, whenever and wherever you are. These software belong to various categories of productivity, Business and Professional, Travel, Lifestyle and many more.

7. Brainier radios

Many phones today are equipped with dual radios that let subscribers roam on differently configured cellular networks throughout the world, but in the next few years handset makers will also embed Wi-Fi technology into phones, allowing customers to use the devices in any Wi-Fi network hot spot.

8. Your very own cell tower

Does your cell phone get bad reception inside your house, but works just fine when you stand on your porch? Mobile operators may soon ask you to help improve cellular coverage in your home or office with small Wi-Fi-like routers that boost cellular signals.

These routers create what are called femto cells, or small personal cellular sites. And they could help solve a major problem for cellular operators who have trouble covering less populated regions or have difficulty reaching users indoors.

9. Picture perfect

One of the most dramatic changes in cell phone technology over the past decade has been the emergence of the camera phone. Today, roughly 41 percent of American households own a camera phone. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to buy a phone today that does not have a camera. By 2010 more than 1 billion mobile phones in the world will ship with an embedded camera, up from the 589 million camera phones that are expected to be sold in 2007, according to market research firm Gartner.

10. Mad for mobile music

There is no question that mobile music is hot and will continue to grow in popularity.

This content category includes everything from basic ring tones, "real tones" (uncompressed) , digital representations of analog signals), and ring-back tones to more sophisticated full-track downloads. Music in all its incarnations is the second-most popular mobile data service, in terms of usage and revenue.

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Conventional Mobile Phones or Smart Phones – Which is Ideal for You?

In today's ultra-mobile environment, your mobile phone where you go is indispensable. About two decades ago, it could be viewed as individuals' luxurious elements or status symbols, but they are now transformed into the necessary tools to have everyone possess. In fact, mobile phone users are now extending from grandparents to children and have found all the useful tools for mobile devices.

However, there is a certain segment that regards mobile phones as more than just communication models. This group favors smart mobile devices rather than traditional phones. The difference lies in the fact that smart phones rumblish. If you are currently buying a new mobile phone, it would be better if you carefully determine which of the two types is ideal for you.

The first thing you should consider is the amount you are willing to pay for a mobile phone. Smart phones are known for their steep price tags and if you do not have enough money for the smartphone owner, stop options and settle traditional phones. However, if you feel that you can afford the smart phones that are on the market today, continue the process by identifying what is ideal for you because it knows everything, even if you have the money to spend it, you may find out what you need there are traditional phones.

The next thing to consider is the intended use for such a device. Try to see if you need to take some pictures with the cameras on your mobile phone. Keep in mind that most mobile phones, including traditional ones, are embedded with cameras that allow you to capture moving or moving images. The difference between the embedded cameras found in traditional telephones and smartphones is the image quality. It can not be denied that smart phones have the best mobile phone cameras that technology offers.

Another thing to consider is that it might be worthwhile to extend your mobile phone as an extension of your office computer by sending emails or creating simple presentations and documents, in which case your smartphone might be ideal for you. If you do not have this intention, conventional phones are just the mobile handset you need.

I'm trying to determine what kind of use you will get with your mobile phone, which plays a big part in buying which phone to buy. But after all, you do not have that kind of need, but you just want a specific mobile phone because you have many friends. If that is the case, as long as you have your money and spend your dream cell phone.

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What is HD radio and is it worth the money?

HD or hybrid digital radio is the latest technology for transmitting FM and AM radio signals. This is a transition to digital signals from old analogue signals. It gives a clear sound that is almost the quality of the album. "HD Radio" is a trademark of iBiquity Digital Corporation, who has launched the technology. HD radio in the United States has become IBOC (In-Band On Channel) standard and provides US drivers with a higher level of road noise listening experience.

This technology works by transferring stereo digital signals built into the dashboard, dramatically improving the sound. Different radio stations send compressed analog and digital signals with additional texts. The equipment installed in cars successfully receives the signal and gives a sharp tone.

With a hybrid-digital radio, there is no more static crackle or pop that annoys the students. The sound from the HD radio is much clearer than the conventional radio. With HD radio, the possibilities of listening are increased by the multicast option. Allows students to listen simultaneously to two or more radio programs without missing them. Whether it's news, radio shows or sports events, the HD radio keeps track of everyone.

Contrary to normal radio, allowing song to pass without remembering the song. The HD radio allows you to transfer information such as song titles, artists, and album names so that each song can easily and easily fit in memory. It also allows drivers to tag songs that can be purchased on iTunes.

Hybrid The purchase of a digital radio is worth every penny. Unlike satellite radio, the purchase of HD radio is not based on a subscription, which is payable monthly. It works on the same free-to-air radio that we've been enjoying for decades, with significantly better sound and wider choice and functionality.

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