Nokia 6280: a Technologically Advanced Phone

With the development of mobile technology, mobile users find new opportunities in their devices. The days when mobile phones were status signals passed. Now, with the introduction of the number of affordable mobile phones, every human class benefits. Over the last decade, huge growth has been made in the mobile sector, and mobile technology has reached a new height beyond imagination. For example, 3G phones have changed the lifestyle of mobile users. Mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia also find the latest and most advanced mobile phone solutions in the mobile market. With the launch of the Nokia 6280, Nokia has put another mobile phone into the 3G category.

With 3G technology, the Nokia 6280 is rich with rich multimedia applications, Bluetooth, EDGE and WCDMA. Open and show features that are just a click away. Enjoy multimedia sound, great picture quality, and more on the Nokia 6280.
With a 262-inch color display and a user-friendly keyboard, you can get everything right for you. Get special moments with an integrated 2.0 megapixel camera. The 8x digital zoom lets you get closer to and appreciate valuable moments of life – you can save and view these moments at any time. You can share your memorable moments with someone with a special heart. Another VGA camera is used for video calls and video capturing.

Music was always the favorite choice for everyone. The Nokia 6280 has a multimedia music player, stereo FM radio and visual radio – now your favorite songs are on the phone, play and enjoy music in motion. Tune in and listen every time with the FM radio. With a 64 MB MiniSD card, Nokia 6280 offers songs, pictures and video clips. Download and discard the music.

With Bluetooth, 3G and EDGE support – the Nokia 6280 delivers quick connectivity and sharing data is a very easy task. There are so many things to discover, take, and enjoy.

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