New Sony Xperia P – Introduction to Technology Design and Display

In January 2012, Sony announced Xperia S, the first smartphone released by the company without the help of Ericsson, a manufacturer who has developed many tools in the past decade. Sony has quickly expanded its models to the new Xperia product line, and the latest handset to be upgraded is the new Sony Xperia P, a mid-range device that offers more features than the entry level of Xperia U, at a more affordable price. Flag Xperia S. Let's look at the design and screen technology of the new model.

The surprising aspect of the design of the new Sony Xperia P is the material from which the body was built. The models above and below the new handset are made of plastic, but this device offers a very attractive aluminum body. A piece of this material is the nicely curved back panel, while the fascia-dominated screen is Gorilla Glass, a new type of glass that is much more durable than conventional types, and is therefore perfectly usable on such a device. like this. This model allows you to use a large 4.3-inch screen, which means the handset is larger than the Xperia U. The model's dimensions are 122 x 59.5 x 10.5 mm and the phone is just 120 grams. One of the features that this new handset has in common with its sibling devices is that it has a striking transparent band for the screen. This band includes a series of LED bulbs that indicate incoming calls and texts. This is very different from what other mobile devices currently offer, and it shares many consumers who like extra attraction while others consider it unnecessary to add.

Sony Xperia P is nicely positioned on the screen between Xperia U and S with its stunning 4.3-inch display. This phone is in direct competition with devices such as Samsung Galaxy S2 and the screen technology on this device to help you better impress your competitors. The screen can display a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels at a density of 275PPI. This standard is also known as qHD and Sony has some of its own technologies to ensure the best possible picture quality. This technology was known as WhiteMagic, and Sony reports that the phone provides a clearer picture than any other mobile display currently on the market. This helps the screen in sunlight, an area where many smartphones can cause problems.

The new Sony Xperia P offers a very impressive new set of phones from Sony. The model has an attractive metallic design and has a great display with excellent new WhiteMagic technology.

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