Never play the radio in your retail store

If you own or have a specialized retail store, you definitely need background music. It helps to set the mood in the store; this is an important part of the mood.

In fact, if you are running a business, gift shop, wine shop, bookstore or other specialty store, you must sell music outside of other songs . This is another simple profit center.

Whether you are selling music now, however, you should not use the radio to provide background music for your store. Yes, it is easy, and yes, certainly what young officials want to do, but it is NOT in the best interest and should be avoided.

Here is

1. You want her shop to be unique, a special mood and feeling, and no doubt spending a lot of time, thoughts and money to create it.

So carefully choose music that suits your intent. This is perhaps an energetic chore or silent and sophisticated jazz … but you have to choose, no one somewhere on the radio station.

The radio is everywhere, so nothing strange. It's routine for everybody's everyday life. Customers are probably listening when they go to their store, but they have to hear something else and intentionally have to be special when they enter the door.

2nd Worse, from shopkeeper point of view, continuous interruption of continuous advertising. Of course, radio stations are dependent on commercials, but they do not want the tire trade businessman to interrupt the customer who is craving for handmade jewelery, right? (And it's easy for customers in your store to hear a radio announcement for one of your competitors.)

3. Your younger colleagues allow them to choose the music they like and probably not their customers. taste, unless the store is juvenile. If you hold a bookstore, art gallery, or prestigious souvenir shop, you do not want hip-hop, rock or pop-hit momentum from your sound system. You want sophisticated music that enhances the sophisticated mood you've created.

Numerous studies have shown that silent music (without driving tempo) allows customers to relax and spend more time in retail environments, and if you have a browsing incentive, you can find your own piano or acoustic guitar music, such as encouraging buyers, to stay, buy and buy.

Additionally, if you sell the music you want to play, you've created another profit center in your store. Because it's called music, why not?

Be sure to choose the music that fosters the feeling you want to drive in a special store. Customers will enjoy it and enjoy the benefits (and if you sell these CDs, you will also get a profit!).

Radio is a wonderful thing in the car or while having dinner, but when it comes to the 19459003 store it has to call the recordings and this includes the most important mood-setting music that encourages buyers to … buy and buy.

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