Network marketers can take advantage of educational marketing to increase sales

Education Marketing

Educational Marketing is an alternative to the "hard sell" approach that has been part of network marketing in the past. When it comes to educational marketing, it does not promote business opportunity – marketing information. Of course, he indirectly sells the opportunity to create interest. However, this is not the traditional sales pitch that provides the prospects with no real information.

As leader of positioning

Ann Sieg, author of the Renegade Network Marketer is the success of the success of being a leader. I've determined that I can separate myself from other network marketing if I have valuable information about my prospects before they ever sign the opportunity.

This is the so-called educational marketing. Educational marketing is one of the ways to fulfill leadership in network marketing. If you are trying to educate marketing, you must first know what you need to educate your prospects. The answer? How to build a business?

The Benefits of Educational Marketing

At first glance this count seems intuitive. After all, if they know how to build a business, why do they come up with the opportunity? Why not get out? According to Ann Sieg, the reason why prospects learn how to build a business is twofold.

First of all, reading about starting a business venture gives them the opportunity. They will tell you, "Now that I know how to start a business, I need a business!" Luckily it turns out you have the chance to wait for them! He also made the business opportunity convert to an "add-on" sale. This means that instead of trying to sell the opportunity forward, it later offers it when it gives away customers' interest. Supplemental sales are usually much easier than initial sales.

Secondly, sharing such valuable knowledge proves to be an expert. People want to work with an expert because they improve the chances of success. Rather than just claiming to be a leader in network marketing, you have shown to you that you are a specialist in building business.

Use educational marketing to ease their fears

In many areas of life, not just network marketing, lack of knowledge is one of the main reasons for fear. Training outlook is therefore the most effective way to eliminate your network marketing concerns. Exaggerated statements like "You can do 10 minutes a week for $ 5000 a week!" do not deal with the prospects
with fears.

You'd like to know your prospects that your investments will be profitable. If you can give them responses, you will be given the confidence and you will be the person you are facing when you are ready to go. I had the opportunity to practice this theory in a recent Networking Event, and I was surprised at the interest I had created by sharing some of the knowledge I learned from reading this book. At least four people came after me to get more information from me.


Education marketing has a real value. There is no value on the old old sales pitch. Your information product can not be a sales knot disguised as an article or book. The information should stand alone as a worthy retail product. Your focus is on providing information, entertainment and unique content. Investing in a person before committing yourself is the best way to prove that they really care about their success.

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