Negotiating Skills: Better Communication

The negotiator needs a qualified communicator. The role of information transfer and reception. If negotiation is art, communication is like the practice of architecture.

Emphasizing or rejuvenating your body language and behavior will improve your communication. Actors practice or try the line in front of the mirrors to send their own person to "feel" and deliver the line. Lawyers preparing for opening and closing arguments do the same. Prepare, review and practice a meeting until you master the subject, know the goals, and be sure the field issues are included. Want to be able to control and direct the conversation; no other person should be directed.

To meditate your thoughts with another person, organize, recognize, and prepare. Preparing is the first step to good communication. The second is the responsibility for communicating positions. People rarely change their minds when they are presented. If you do not make a mental reply, they are actually thinking about the upcoming evening activities; not entirely focused on what he says. The challenge is to break through and help them actually hear and understand what they are saying.

The third step of good communication is good listening. Get rid of bad listening habits. Our minds continue to process things while we are listening. That is why we know that we are trying to create the answer to the last point, to count tonight with his baseball game, developing a strategy to increase the work and worry about fighting for the night before; while listening to the other person who gave a point. All these parallel activities, actually listening to what they say, is at best difficult.

Listening to minority shades in the context of observations is impossible. The correlations of observations, non-verbal signals sent during speech, minority inflections, which give color and depth to the remarks. You have to be tuned to take these scenarios if you learn what the other man says.

Everyone always strives for better communication skills. It is very difficult to create an agreement if one or both parties hear and understand the other. As an informal, small group leader, he focuses primarily on opening clear communication channels.

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