Motorola's new razor mobile phone

Motorola's ultra-popular, ultra-light and ultra-thin clamshell Razor (RAZR) mobile phone has seen a new line in the new Razor mobile phones since 2007. These are the new lines of Motorola Razor 2 Razor mobile phones

Razor 2 comes in three models that are almost the same: the Razor 2 V8, the Razor 2 V9m and the RAZR2 V9. The Razor 2 is two millimeters thinner than the original razor (89 x 53 x 13.9 millimeters). In addition, improvements on the phone include a screen that is much more resistant to wear, steel frame and chemically-protected glass; a two megapixel camera (as opposed to the original Razor with a 1.3 megapixel camera); HTML browsing (not WAP); a two-inch external touch screen; and the new Crystaltalk technology

Some remarks on new Razor mobile phones:

The Design

The new Razor 2 mobile phones are made of stainless steel, chrome and glass (as mentioned above) chemically hardened. Being thinner (12 millimeters) and less severe, some were angry about being more robust than Razor, but this could only be very subjective. That the phone feels solid does not necessarily mean it or not. The phone is as wide as the original razor, which puts it in the same comfortable position.

The external screen, which is a touch screen, is 31 millimeters 40 millimeters wide, which is large enough for the external display. To open the phone, there is a bright color screen with a user interface that is convenient and flat, similar to the phone's predecessors.

For added convenience, Razor 2 has buttons on the phone's side to provide quick access to phone-sharing applications on the phone.


The new Razor phone software running on a Linux-based interface is a big step forward compared to older Motorola interfaces . The HTML browser is a popular open source browser Opera, and phone software is much easier to learn and is much less cumbersome. The on-screen items and icons are easy to see, photos, music and text messaging are easy to access, use, and enjoy.

The external display is designed to make it easier to use some applications, such as MP3 player and text messaging. As far as text messages are concerned, this is a new and very welcome result, as you do not have to open the phone now, just to read the message, but it looks much easier.

Each Razor 2 has different memory settings and color choices. Here are:

Razor 2 V8 – Colors: Blue, Gray. Memory: 512 MB or 2 GB in memory.

Razor 2 V9 – Colors: Mahogany, black. Memory: 50 MB on board, MicroSD support up to 8 GB.

Razor 2 V9m – Color: sand, gray. Memory: 45 MB on board, MicroSD support up to 2 GB.

Razor 2 V9x – Colors: Licorice. Memory: 50 MB onboard, MicroSD support up to 8 GB

New Razor mobile phones will be sure to be fans and many suspect that new designs and additions will be as successful as their predecessors.

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