Motorola RIZR – The most dynamic and versatile device

Motorola seems to have promised to deliver the most beautiful and flexible mobile phones across the UK market. Once again, the mobile giant was created with another stylish handset that will surely catch your imagination. Yes, we are talking about Motorola's newest member, Motorola RIZR. With the stunning features and the modern slider design design, Motorola RIZR is the ultimate choice for those who need dynamic phones to stay in their lives. A unique design, thin casing, slim slider is not the only reason why RIZR follows a huge fan. This high-quality innovative device delivers exceptional imaging, enhanced music services, global connectivity, and superb bright color screen. The ultra-smooth slider on the phone slips easily. The impressive appearance and feel of the simply-handy keyboard will surely rejoice you. With the abstract tattoo feature, you can add a surprising element when you open the MOTO RIZR page.

Recording videos with the RIZR high-performance 2 megapixel digital camera. In addition to imaging features, RIZR is the paradise for music lovers. The built-in music player supports many popular music formats on this phone. You can export digital music collections via USB to up to GB, available through MicroSD cards, and store your favorite music. To further enhance the entertainment elements, you can select the optional Bluetooth stereo headset accessory and enjoy wireless playback.

Keep in touch with your family, friends, and / or business, even if you're on the go! This quad band technology phone allows you to roll over all countries and continents. Send MMS, IM or SMS to stay in touch with close friends! This phone tells you all the joy of having an impressive gadget and gives a reverential look to the hi-end features you always have with the tiny, handy tool.

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