Mobile Phones – What Do You Think?

Mobile phones – or mobile phones, depending on which part of the world you stay. I wonder if you can go anywhere in the world without seeing one of the tools. I'm a resident of the ocean region, and cell phones are humor, contempt, irritation, and I think I'm looking at a mixture of a small report.

This technology allows us to communicate with each other from any point in the earth. As long as you pay the money to your service provider, you can call your landline phone from anywhere with "agents" in your country.

Like all the technological developments (?) Every day. So the mobile phones. I'm sure it will not be long before we put them on a key wheel! It does not seem long ago that my son had a phone that was approx. She was half a brick, and if she tried to pin his belt buckle, it was likely that her trousers would end up in the ankles.

Pricing, of course, makes mobile phones much more widespread to the public, and obviously it is also suitable for younger members of society. Although it is still a little shocked that even prices are reasonable, how can schools afford what is still fundamentally available?

From an annoying point of view, and does not want to sound pedantic, I find it a bit invasive to listen to a conversation on a cell phone, she says in the restaurant while enjoying a delicious meal, the recipient informs the caller, where they are and what they are eating. Who said the art of conversation is dead?

A more serious note, cell phones may be a deadly weapon in the wrong hands. How did I hear you say it? How many times did you drive and saw the "one-handed driver" with a mobile phone, and on the other hand, did you have a longer talk of speeding the highway? Fortunately, most civilized societies banned this crazy practice.

Do not consider reading this article as a mobile phone. I'm certainly not. I find that handling your phone can be more tangible than in emergency situations. Just because of the language skills, the ribs of the mobile phone users are somewhat irritated.

As you conclude, we all know that this type of phone, like all other commercial products, earns money for manufacturers, retailers, and service providers and delivers pleasure and comfort to users. And so be it.

The ultimate and I think the most fun thing I've seen in connection with a mobile phone lately is concerned with advertising for a Nokia phone (or Motorola). Any list of benefits for that model was recommended to the public: camera, messaging, cup of tea, all kinds of things. What was obvious was that the sixth item on the list of sales points was the first reference to actually giving the phone call !!

Ah, what a wonderful time we live!

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