Mobile phones that collectors are looking for

There are many things a person can collect. One of the latest collections is worthy of the cell phone. Some people are willing to participate in fair cash for old mobile phones, especially if they are valuable.

How do you perceive the value? Harvesting is often the most important feature. A person can not be a serious collector if all there are items that are readily available. The harder it is to find, the higher the value. It's also a workforce. The difficulty of finding the object requires a lot of time and effort. A treasure hunter comes from excitement like Indiana Jones.

There are phones that the collector likes in his house.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000x . Ur-mobile phone. This was the first and the original. It was completed in 1973. At that time, cellular networks were unavailable. DynaTAC needed testing only and demonstrated its feasibility. They came into trade when the 80s fused.

Motorola Traveler Phone . An invention from 1982. Much of this is the equivalent of the Holy Grail. It requires a large suitcase battery that a person always had to carry. It was not completely mobile. But it's incredibly hard to find. Getting this phone for a serious mobile phone collector would be a nice coup.

Motorola DynaTAC 8500x . The model of the 8000x model in 1987. Sold outside the country. He was very similar to his predecessor. The only noticeable difference was the style change. It was very popular in a black finish. Black is still popular today.

Sony Mars Bar Telephone . 1993 brought this phone and Sony made a great deal of success. It was a slider headset that was able to switch to receiving or ending calls. In other words, it was the world's first flip phone. It was desirable and the collectors are still keen on it.

The popular phone (CTN 7000 model) . A rare and incredibly beautiful Japanese phone. In 1993 it turned out to have two colors, bright pink and bright green. Ericsson GH 172 . The earliest GSM phone when the standard was still 2G. This old mobile can still connect to modern digital networks as opposed to analog phones like DynaTACs

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