Mobile phones may damage your eyes

A recent scientific study has identified the relationship between microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones and two different eye damage. At least one kind of damage obviously never heals.

When the eyes are exposed to microwave radiation for a prolonged period of time, they greatly damage the optical quality of the lens. But it seemed to be the maximum level of this kind of damage and when the exposure stops, the damage will be healed.

However, damage causes other types of damage on the microscopic level. Small "bubbles" appear on the lens surface. This kind of damage does not reach the maximum level but gradually accumulates and does not heal after the experiment has stopped. Theoretically, the bubbles were caused by the friction caused by the cells that were exposed to the radiation

Bioelectromagnetics 2005. 26 (5): 398-405IsraCast 27 July 2005

Dr. Mercola's Note:

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation of Cellular Phones is an issue that triggers many controversies. Many experts believe the radiation is too low to cause damage. However, it is often based on thermal or thermal effects testing. The risk of mobile phones is much more likely to be due to the low intensity pulse microwave radiation that the phones are releasing.

There is growing evidence that long-term exposure to this type of mobile phone is indeed a threat. As these studies show that they may affect the sensitive cells of the eye, there are studies that indicate that it can cause:

  • Tumor Growth in Hallucinogen
  • Possible Alzheimer's Disease
  • Many other possible problems

Fortunately, the danger is reduced exponentially, the farther away the cell phone is from the body. If you have a mobile phone, we recommend that you use a headset and keep the phone away from your body.

Although this significantly reduces the risk of radiation, certain emissions can still pass the headphone cord and head. Probably the best solution is to get a mobile phone with a good speaker phone and always use it. Your phone is so far away from your body that it is the ideal solution.

For many, this is simply not very practical, so I recommend connecting new mobile phone headsets that we've just introduced. If you use a mobile phone without the speaker phone function, it is simply compulsory. There is no excuse not to use this technology, which virtually eliminates all the hazards of your mobile phone.

There are, of course, general hazards that cause the use of mobile phones. If you use your car while driving, you can increase your chances of having 400 percent of an accident. Worldwide, 23 percent of car accidents result in deaths from injuries, leading to over one million deaths a year. At the same time, cancer, another deadly cellular phone risk, exceeded heart disease in America than one of the main causes of deaths of under 85. Every day more than 1,500 people are involved in the United States.

Every year more and more people are switching to mobile phones. Many people use mobile phones, especially among young people who are exposed to EMF radiation and other risks for decades.

Please do not be a statistic. If you are using a mobile phone at all, wear headphones with ferrite beads, do not use your mobile phone in the car, and try to minimize the use of your mobile phone. Related Articles: Electromagnetic Fields and Mobile Phones Are Mobile Phones Safe for Children? "If Cell Phones Have a Sense of Food, They Are Simply Not Allowed"

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