Mobile Phones in Great Britain – Does Your Mobile Phone Work?

As the international business world becomes smaller, many travel more frequently in different countries than in the past. If you want to visit Britain and want to use your mobile phone, there are some factors that can determine whether or not it will work.

Like most European countries, Britain's mobile phone system is the global media communication system, also known as GMS. This system is the second-generation mobile phone technology. Unfortunately, most mobile phones purchased in the US operate under WCDMA (WCDMA), a third-generation mobile phone technology. So if your cell phone is not a GMS model, then it will not be compatible with the UK operating system.

If you have a GMS-style mobile phone, this factor may not work in Great Britain. In addition to mobile phones, mobile phones also operate on frequencies that differ from the frequencies found in North America. While our mobile phone operates at 850 and 1900 frequencies, European devices operate at 900 and 1800 frequencies. If you have a GMS phone, you need to check your service provider to see if it works with European frequencies.

If you have a GMS mobile phone with the correct frequency you may still have problems once you arrive in Britain. While your phone is operating in cities such as London and Edinburgh, difficulties may arise in rural areas of the country. In fact, no mobile phones will work in the UK's most remote territory. So, if you travel to these regions, it may also depend on the use of landline telephones.

The best way to work with a mobile phone while you are in your country. locked GMS phone with compatible frequencies and SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. Cell phones themselves are much more expensive when purchased in the UK, so you probably want to buy one of these. The SIM card costs around £ 9.99 ($ ​​18). However, these cards get very few minutes. Then you have the option to add as many minutes as you need them

There are pre-paid mobile phones that can be purchased in Britain. If you want to buy one of your devices, the cost can range from 29.99 to 129.99 (from $ 57 to $ 247). Because of the cost, this option does not deserve it if you only intend to stay in the country for a short time.

Journey to Great Britain can be a wonderful experience. Again, the best way to use your mobile phone during the visit is to buy a GMS phone before you leave and after a SIM card has arrived. Remember, you may not have to live in the most remote areas of the country.

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