Mobile Phones – Good and Bad Things

It's just that everyone is using a mobile phone, but not everyone is behaving well with one another, how often have we seen someone driving on the highway, maybe even the back children who are talking on their cell phone? This is not just a bad habit, but it is illegal in most countries around the world.

There are very straightforward guidelines, usually just the common sense of using the cell without being harmed or roughly rough. How often I felt reminded of someone shouting on your phone that the signal does not get worse when they lower their voices! Again, some people want others to hear every detail of their love life or to get more milk from the store, perhaps they consider it important.

So what is the common courtesy rule while using a mobile phone?

first Do not talk or drive.

2nd You do not have to yell, this is a phone, not a mega phone, it's very bad habits, silently speaking, your cell phone is a very sensitive microphone. Switch off until you get into a movie theater, a restaurant, a church, a concert, hospitals, libraries and anywhere else.

4th Please turn off when at a time! You will not look popular, it will look like a tool and a bad one.

5th All these guidelines also apply to wording

6. Do not forget to keep private hands on your mobile conversations, leave the company and do not forget to save yourself. Dazzling ringtones, they're okay .. they're disgusting, we do not want to hear extreme noises or the sounds of machine guns, bad sounds, bad behavior, please do not have such a loud ringtone for everyone to jump.

Mobile phones are extremely widespread, we did not really have the chance to get this habit, and I suspect there are still people who still belong to the basic mobile phone etiquette. If you have any doubts, put your phone on a vibration so you can see who is calling and remembering to call them back or talk to a more private place to say good cellular phone behavior is just common sense.

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