Mobile phones at the workplace

Most jobs do not appreciate using your mobile phone while you're working. Many companies have introduced rules that prohibit the use of mobile phones at workplaces. If you are a person who is unable to stay without your mobile phone, there are simple rules to ensure that your mobile phone does not interfere with your work, your supervisor, or your colleagues.

The first rule you have to follow if you want to operate your mobile phone to turn off ringing. Let the phone shake when you have to turn it on. This will keep the mobile phone ringtone from disturbing employees. You can prevent the boss from knowing how many calls you get at work.

When you receive a call while working, you may be wary of receiving the call by voice mail. This results in other staff complaining to the boss about the received calls. It also eliminates the temptation that you may have to start a conversation that you really should not do.

When answering a business, you only have to answer important calls. These include calls from your child, calls from the school, and emergencies that need to be taken care of immediately. If you talk to your sister or check the appointment of a doctor that next week it's not an emergency.

When you need to make mobile phone calls, find an isolated space for that. During the break during the lunch time, when there are twenty employees, it is not a private place. Before conversation with the staff, it is not included in the rough. If you have selected a place during your public holiday at work, you can take away people who are still working while trying to listen to the conversation.

Never use the phone in public areas. If one of his colleagues goes to the bathroom and the person at the other end of the call is listening to them, which is the invasion of their staff. private life. It can also be taken into account that many bathrooms in the workplace are large and echoed, so every employee who is present is able to hear the whole conversation.

Do not bring your mobile phone to any meeting. Concentration must be your job and your boss will notice it if you pay attention. Even if the mobile phone is set to vibrate, if it rings, it can disrupt the whole appointment and prevent the supervisor. Never check your mobile phone or identify who is calling. Your boss will think I do not care about your job.

While some companies stop using mobile phones in working hours, businesses that allow them to encourage their employees to use them only in an emergency. Otherwise, you can only make calls at your own time, such as breaks and lunchtime. This gesture is only a common court that can be extended to its bosses and staff.

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