Mobile Phones – a Device for Misunderstanding and Confusion?

Mobile phones, as we all know, are a very important means of communication. Nowadays, most teenagers are basically associating their mobile phones with teens. Wherever you are, mobile phones are undeniably important tools. With this device, your distant relatives and loved ones would be right in your palm. Apart from the fact that mobile phones are very important in the individual's business career. Just a very simple job of your fingertips can send you a message right away.

But how can this become a means of bad communication? Well, that's because for some reason. As mobile phones really spend a lot of money, they thought they were sending messages with the least number of characters and words – something so-called. Mobile abbreviation. So without the choice, editing messages with the smallest characters has become more challenging.

Even with this widespread instant messaging, mobile abbreviations are also used. In fact, more than half of teenagers use instant messaging and many of them use it several times a week. Therefore, most of the school and work jobs are used on the Internet and mobile abbreviations (essays and tasks).

At this time, older people were used to isolate new generations by creating their own language. But gradually, as we grow older, even this mobile short text language has to be used, which we must use now with newer ones.

Enhanced exposure to prompting for instant messaging gives you the ability to be typical. Although some users and instant messaging supporters insist that there is indeed a big difference between the language of the user and their official form, they can not deny the fact that some people would realize that messaging and instant messaging really cause difficulties in sending message abstractions using formal language .

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