Mobile Phone Water Damage Repair Tips

In the summer, more and more people need cell phone water damage repair services. As the weather is hot and people are stranded to the shore, to the lake or hanging in the pool, there is always a lot of cell phone casual water damage. Water damage to your mobile phone requires fast attention! If you wait too long, the damage is too much to fix it.

Mobile phone water damage can be extremely destructive to the phone. Why is water damage so severe? Water contact may be harmful to your phone as it may cause a short to voltage or disturb the electronic components of the phone and its internal operation.

Ocean water contains lots of salt, which is very corrosive. Therefore, due to corrosive stress, damage will occur very quickly when the phone comes into contact with ocean water.

Pool water contains chlorine, which is also highly corrosive. Chlorine and other chemicals quickly destroy the electronic components of the phone and cause irreparable damage if they are not handled quickly.

Household water is also corrosive because it contains chemicals such as chlorine, minerals, and other substances that are dangerous to the components of the phone. Although household water does not cause damage or corrosion quickly, it can cause irreversible water damage to your mobile phone if it does not take care of it quickly.

Do not put it in the microwave oven or dry it with a hair dryer. Adding a heat source to a water-damaged mobile phone can only increase damage and corrosion. You need to get a water damage repair technician who can quickly remove the phone, clean the harmful parts of the phone and quickly and accurately evaluate the injuries.

If the phone is damp, follow the steps below:

1. DO NOT switch on your damaged mobile phone. This results in short circuit and can cause permanent damage.

2nd Remove the battery immediately.

3rd DO NOT use a tumble dryer. Although the phone may seem dry, the internal circuit board will still be damp.

4th Use a Zip bag. Place the WET phone in a Zip-Lock bag and promptly take a mobile waterfall repair specialist.

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