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Cactus? A palm tree? A water tower? No! Cell phone tower! That's right! Today, mobile phone towers have been disguised in less than a few years ago. To see a grain? Or a church tower? You guessed it. It may be very nice to have a mobile phone tower. Even a mobile phone tower that looks like a lighthouse … never minds that it's more than two miles from the ocean.

But do not let the beautiful and brilliant disguises get deceived. There is a real and current danger behind the masks of these innocent patterns.

Why are they masquerading? Obviously for aesthetic reasons. Mobile phone companies do not want to interfere with their neighboring friends. They want to mix. That's why they blend while your home and neighbor are bursting with poisonous electromagnetic radiation.

Mobile phone towers, sometimes masts or mobile phone towers, for years there were no issues when they were far from and far apart. We can often drive miles and miles in the countryside and never see one. There were few, they were only found in obscure places and only seen on an occasional hilltop. Today, the number of mobile phone towers has increased dramatically. Currently, more than 1.9 million mobile phones and antennae are broadcast through the United States. They are now located everywhere in the roofs of churches, schools and firefighters, and buildings. Did you know that there is another cell tower near Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park? Can not sleep well at night? It might be close to a cell phone tower.

Why can a mobile phone tower be installed on a church, school or fire extinguisher? Why do schools and churches accept this? Money. It's so simple. Mobile phone companies are paying these organizations and individual property owners who are nicely stocking their equipment for their property. This "rental" month may range from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands of dollars a month. What kind of school district or church could not use more money to support the struggling budget? By "leasing" in the already-built building, the mobile phone industry does not need to buy land, build a tower, or build a new building. Simply mount your equipment on an existing structure. This is a profitable business for the mobile phone company and the new landlord. & # 39;

Resistance to these tower installations has gone unnoticed and without question. Not like today. Neighbors and citizens are loud. But this is not the aesthetics that forces residents and property owners to oppose these structures. Communities and citizens are afraid that this technology is causing health effects and the adverse effects of property values.

We can not stop mobile phone building

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent proliferation and continue to build mobile phone towers and structures. Although the law on deregulation issues is concerned, the 1996 Telecommunications Act (TCA) is indeed an open call for the mobile phone industry to place its towers anywhere. Section 704 of the TCA basically stipulates that local authorities can not prohibit the placement of towers in their jurisdiction. According to the law, "Based on the environmental impacts of radio frequency emissions, no state, local government or facility can regulate the placement, construction and modification of personal wireless service facilities, if these establishments comply with the Commission's rules on such emissions." local government can not deny the construction of a mobile phone tower in the neighborhood! All the challenges of local communities can easily end in federal court. Our legislators have basically given the mobile phone industry to install these towers anywhere. And by the way, the mobile phone industry helped in writing this law, which was passed on by government officials as laws. The public therefore has no voice and no vote. Is there anything wrong with this picture? Why do not public officials represent people instead of big business? Why would you let the industry you want to regulate write your own laws?

Is income higher than potential risks? It does not seem. Studies and well-researched research have influenced the impact of many cancers on stress. Many experts will soon predict the brain tumor epidemic.

Industry representatives quickly point out that microwaves emitted by mobile phone towers are well below federal standards. And they can be. At least on paper. Most towers work at 100 watts. However, this is not the full performance of the tower. What they do not tell you is 100 watts of channel performance. As a tower has dozens of channels, you can see that the performance is too large and over 100 watts. This is a technical loophole. Of course, who oversees these towers after their construction? The FCC certainly does not. You do not have the workforce or the money to properly control millions of online towers and antennas. And who should prevent these companies from fueling performance when no one is in the room? Some have reported that many such towers have already demonstrated their 900-1000 watt performance.

You can not escape the radiation. Everywhere.

We can not simply avoid radiation exposure. Everywhere. So many people use mobile phones and wireless connections today that no one ever has their own cell phone. You are as exposed as everyone else. Each time a person initiates a phone call from a mobile phone, the signal is sent to a mobile phone tower. So many calls are made all around us, and now there are so many mobile phone towers that all get caught in the cross. It's like cigarette cigarettes, except that we can not get away from it. There is simply no place to escape.

Operation of mobile phone towers

Mobile phone towers emit a signal on a "petal" pattern around the tower. This 360-degree beam is called the "cell" around the tower, and that's what the "cell" of a mobile phone means. When your phone is in a "cell", good reception can be achieved, and if it is not in "cell", it gets a bad reception. So a mobile phone company to have full coverage of mobile phone towers and antenna towers should be placed across the country to make "cells" overlap. You can begin to see what enormous infrastructure should be created to ensure full coverage of your mobile phone. Therefore, mobile phone towers and antennae are so widespread. In addition, these antennas are installed in places like rooftops, firefighters, schools, and churches. This is necessary for full coverage.

Studies Show Harmful Health Effects on Mobile Phone Towers

If you are unsure whether mobile phone towers and masts are damaging, the following test summons will have to convince you. The following six studies that have shown that people with significant adverse health effects live near mobile phone towers. Dr. Grahame Blackwell says, "These are the only studies we know that we specifically take into account the impact of masts on humans." All six studies show clear and significant health effects. "

  • Santini et al found significant health problems for people living within 300 meters of the mobile phone base or tower, and the recommendation was based on the study that mobile cellular base stations can not be closed close to 300 meters closer to populated areas. Biol (Paris) 2002, 50: 369-373
  • The study entitled "The Impact of Radio Fields of the Global Communications System on Prosperity and Cognitive Functions of Human Subjects with and without Subjective Complaints" in the paper "Applied Scientific Research Institute" (1966) Gerd, Enrique, Manuel, Ceferino, and Claudio have conducted a Spanish Microwave Syndrome study, and two of them have been diagnosed with the disease, including headaches, muscle fatigue, pain and dizziness from tower releases. near the mobile phone base station The effects on health include fatigue, depression, sleep disturbances, concentration problems and cardiovascular problems.
  • International Journal of Cancer Prevention, Vol. 1, No. 1, April 2, 2004 Wolf and Wolf showed a fourfold increase in the incidence of cancer in the mobile phone tower within 350 meters within the Israeli population. Tenfold growth has also been reported among women.
  • In Germany's Naila study, in November 2004, five doctors collaborated to assess the risk of people living near the mobile phone tower. The retrospective examination was taken over from the history of the psychiatric cases from 1994 to 2004, from those who lived up to 400 meters away from the tower in the past ten years. The results showed that the rate of newly developed tumors was significantly higher in patients who lived within 400 meters and that patients had an average of eight years earlier. From 1999-2004. In years, five years after the operation of the transfer tower, the relative risk of carcinogenicity increased in the portfolio of the community compared to the population living in Naila.
  • An Austrian study published in May 2005, which was issued in May 2005, showed that the radiation of the mobile phone tower at 80 meters distance significantly changes the electric current of the individuals in the brain. All of the persons tested indicated that they could not be artificial during the radiation and some reported it. According to the study scientists, this is the first worldwide evidence that a significant change in electrical current in the brain that is measured by the EEG, a cellular base station 80 meters away. Symptoms indicated symptoms such as headache, tinnitus, palpitations, dizziness, anxiety, shortness of breath, nervousness, agitation, headache, heat sensation and depression. According to scientists, this is the first evidence that brain electrical circuits are significantly affected by the mobile phone tower. The distance in this study was only 80 meters.

A double Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Gerald Hyland is a physicist who says cell phone towers. "Existing security policies for cell phone towers are perfectly adequate." It is very justified that the public continues to skeptically claim the demands of governments and industry to ensure that everything is fine, especially since they contribute in an unethical way in a symbolic way to promote their own interests. "

Dr Bruce Hocking has conducted a study on children living next to the TV and FM radios in Syndy, Australia, which are very similar to mobile phone towers and found that these children were more than twice as large leukemia in children over seven miles away from these towers

A recent study by residents of or near resident mobile homes resulted in the following occurrence of neuropsychiatric complaints: headache (23.5%), memory disorders (28.2%), dizziness (18.8%), shivering (9.4%), depression symptoms (21.7%) and sleep disturbances (23.5%). In this study, participants received a neurobehavioral test battery the speed of the visuomotor, the attention and the attention, the symptoms of the exposed population were significantly higher than the control groups.

Furthermore, Europe's supreme the European Environment Agency (EEA) e measures to reduce exposure to mobile phone masts. The EEA recommends that exposure should immediately reduce vulnerable groups such as children.

The development of brain tumors in staff at Melbourne's Melbourne Building prompted the closure of the top floor of the building. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is located in the building. Seven staff members were diagnosed with brain tumors, and five of the seven worked on the highest level. A mobile phone antenna is on top of the building.

The Orange Telephone Society in England was forced to remove the column in the Bristol building in England. Removal is the result of a five-year effort that residents and local authorities used to remove the mast. The proportion of cancer in the building, known as the "Doom Tower" internationally, is ten times the national average for the 110 residents living there. The two pillars on the roof, one owned by Orange and Vodafone, were installed in 1994. Vodafone broke the mast removal.

Mobile phone towers affect animals

Animals are not relieved of mobile phone tower broadcasting. A veterinarian at Hannover, Germany, reports that dairy cows near two years of mobile phone tower reduced milk production to other health problems, including abnormal behavior.

Firefighters vote for suspension of tower construction at fire stations

Worried about the mushroom nation's anti-fire fighter effect. The International Firefighters' Association voted in 2004 for its resistance to cellular phone turnouts in the antennas at and around the fire stations. First, I want to prove that there is no security problem and a moratorium on the construction and placement of the towers or antennas on or around firefighters until such a study can be carried out.

What are these antennas for kids while they go to school? You deserve the risk. It should not be subjected to microwave radiation if science has shown that it can be clearly devastating in the aforementioned studies. School companies and parental organizations need to be aware of the dangers of such exposure. It has been shown that microwave radiation is much easier than an adult. This is due to the thinner and softer bones of the child's head. The skull bones do not harden until the age of 22.

How many cell phones are you near?

The average man lives half a mile inside a mobile phone tower. Have you ever considered how close you are or are working in one of the towers? Would you ask if someone were right at your house? How many of these tower and antenna do you think are nearby? Learn about the website . Simply enter your address and get a list and a map of all the tower and antenna with a short radius of your address. Like most people, you will probably get it when you see the numbers. These towers are literally everywhere. Hundreds and hundreds of people are likely to be home or office within a few miles.

Check the Flags on Your Mobile Phone

The cellular phone bars show you how strong the signal is to connect to your mobile phone. In other words, the closer you are to the mobile phone tower, the stronger the signal. The stronger the signal, the less energy the phone uses to maintain the connection. A strong signal is indicated by the full range of "bars" on the mobile phone display. Less bars mean a weaker signal. A weaker signal means that your mobile phone needs to work harder to keep the signal. Consequently, greater force is needed to maintain the relationship. The more energy you need the greater the amount of radiation your phone has and the greater exposure for you. So always try to talk outside or in an open space. This makes it easy to connect from your mobile phone to the nearest mobile phone tower. Your phone does not have to work hard and less energy is needed to keep the signal, which means less radiation exposure is available to you.

What can we do?

Obviously, he can not escape the exposure. This fact was grounded. So what can we do to minimize damage?

There are a few ideas: We can limit our exposure wherever possible. Do not live near a cell phone tower if you have a choice. Do not buy near your home even if the price is right. Determine the use of wireless devices. Go back to & # 39; wire & # 39; whenever possible. Maximize your health with proper nutrition and good hydration. Enjoy food in high antioxidants and add supplements. From an ecological perspective, preferably eat. There is no safe distance to accommodating the mast tower. Obviously, the closer you are to the tower, the higher the exposure risk, so it is as far away as possible. Whenever possible, encourage local government officials to consider using fiber optic cables. Most of them were already lying underground. They do not use it. Masts without fiber optics are present, and the small amount of radiation from the exits can be neutralized by the available technology. The use of wifi in schools is scared by meeting school officials and school leaders. Wi-Fi hotspots are now everywhere. Even entire cities can wirelessly deploy Wi-Fi. Once again, the wireless signal that is harmful to your health has occurred. Do not let mobile phone companies install mobile phone antennas on top of schools where children are involved. Radio waves disturb their ability to focus, not to mention the health risks we have outlined. If you can not change your current position, there is some hope. There are now some intervening tools you can use in your home, school, and office to reduce the risk of exposure. There are very good, cutting-edge technologies that interfere with and help alleviate the damage caused by wireless connections.

If you'd like to discuss these settings, feel free to contact me.

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