Mobile phone addiction – If you can not stay away from your cell phone

It would be good to say that the growth in popularity of mobile phones has led to dependence on people; however, since their earliest introduction, they have an addiction similar to their owner.

Initially, mobile phones were bulky and expensive items that were rich and more often available to businesses, where staff could always be able to get great benefits. Almost as long as people have the power to make it available at any time, the problem is what to do if you were not in your cell phone.

Technological advances and handset and call plans are cheaper and more accessible mass markets, then the problem of addiction has increased and now it is spreading from teenagers to adults.

So what is cell phone addiction? Dependency can be defined as a necessity that requires proper operation. Mobile phone addiction can manifest in a number of ways and is prone to age and demographic sharing. However, it has been reported in different countries and appears to be anywhere, where mobile phones are widespread, a sign of social connectivity to technology.

There are two good examples of mobile phone addiction. The first is the issue of dependence on textiles, which is the most common among younger users (children and teenagers) for adult users. The ability to send text messages for a fixed and relatively inexpensive cost allows instant messaging to users without the need for extended conversations. Addictive nature comes from the recognition that you have to constantly respond to an incoming message that in turn advertises additional messages in a vicious circle.

Second, the e-mail curse where e-mail phones, such as Blackberry makers, the user's life. This usually applies to business users who regularly check new e-mails and feel they need to respond promptly to all e-mails. This can have the effect of taking their lives to the extent that the user can never turn off work, even if he is on holiday, but on the beach.

As social networks grow, mobile phone manufacturers are looking for ways to build these sites directly into their phones, effectively integrating the phone into social networks. This is great for manufacturers because it nourishes the dependence on social networking sites and increases their mobile demand. It's good for mobile operators as it helps keep data and call usage at a high level. Although both claim that it is good for consumers because it offers services that they want with a mobile phone, the risk of users getting a new way of becoming more dependent on their mobile phones is real risk.

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