Mobile impurity

Most people do not notice it, but mobile phones now make a huge contribution to the planet's pollution. The average American mobile phone is received at least 18 to 24 months. This averaged 34 phones over a lifetime when they bought their first phone from the age of 18, there are astonishingly many children who are even younger.

As part of our "suppressed" society, with our unwilling appetite, the consumption and use of mobile phones means that landfills are at an alarming rate, not only with computers and other electronic components, but with cell phones as many people are unaware of the proper disposal procedures. Unfortunately, it is estimated that more than 125 million mobile phones will be disposed annually, causing more than 65,000 tonnes of rubbish. Knowing that landfill does not have to end the life of a mobile phone can greatly reduce the amount of unnecessary loss per year.

The reason why mobile phone recycling is important because it contains some rather toxic things embedded inside its circuits and displays, besides cadmium, mercury and beryllium (carcinogenic carcinogen), toxins, such as arsenic, lead and copper are dangerous chemicals they do not want to release into the environment. If they are properly disposed of, they contain non-toxic materials that can be recycled and recycled, instead they are even more polluting the earth by re-trying to produce these components when we actually have the raw materials we need.

Unfortunately, 100% -ly safe and the toxins from these substances into the soil contaminate the water table and the drinking water supply. At present, less than 1% of the world's water can be fed, so we need to take action to protect it.

Studies at Northwest Indiana University have shown that 82% of large-scale landfill in North-West Indiana is a leak if we take into account the damage to the surrounding environment and that the migration of methane gas and migration can not be isolated

They are so toxic that releases from landfills that are in one proximity to them may affect health such as low birth weight of newborns, shorter height than general population, heart failure and liver disorders, to name but a few. If these are only the side effects of landfills, then imagine what we throw them into. These numbers may be Northwest Indiana, but they are large because not all landfills are safe.

Landfills have gone too far with lost electronics that our technology in the hungry society is that if we do not do something, we run out of the ground and accept the resources that you can do them.

You Need It Before You Want It

Before deciding to replace your old cell in exchange, think for a moment if you absolutely need it, or is it because you want the coolest new style? If the older model still works well, do you really need to buy a new one? What else can this money do?

Think about where your cell phone is. Just because it disappears from the smooth viewing angle as it runs to the landfill does not mean that the collision stops. The effects of the old mobile phone will continue to be felt for a long time after memory has faded.

What can I do? Each state and country has different requirements. With a little research, you can learn about your local policies and where you can give or recycle.

There are currently no federal mandates for mobile phone recycling, but many states enforce their own.

Many states adopt legislation that requires entrepreneurs to have recycled systems to create their business. They can not legally sell their products

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