LG Pop

Pop is one of the smallest mobile phones on the market. The 3-inch screen takes up the overwhelming majority of the front screen – so much so that the only place is for a multipurpose push button, which is in the lower right corner. The phone size is 97.8 x 49.5 x 11.2 mm and weighs 87 g, the phone is unlikely to impress in your pocket.

LG handles most of its touch screen features. With your finger on the screen, you can change the background and simply press to open menu items. Unlike the previous LG Cookie, this model does not come with a pencil for the pointer, so you have to do everything with your fingers. The multifunctional "home" button handles calls at the bottom and displays the menu.

The menu can be automatically displayed in landscape and portrait mode, depending on how you hold the handset. When a standard 1-9 keypad message is displayed while the mobile device is held, but if you turn it to a page, QWERTY will have a full keyboard for more accurate typing. Because the phone has a wizard that can be integrated with your webmail account, sending and receiving emails is relatively intuitive and straightforward.

People looking for entertainment while on the move may be worse than LG Pop. The phone includes many Java games and an MP4 player. The MP4 player lets you enjoy your favorite music (MP3, WAV and AAC), but you can also watch videos that can be downloaded directly to your phone. Like other features, you can watch in portrait or landscape mode, and if you prefer, LG Pop lets you display the freezer frame and store it in JPEG format.

The phone also has a built-in FM radio if you want to enlarge your own collection of pictures and hear new songs.

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