Leadership Success – The Importance of Flexible Schedule

If you're a leader or aspiring leader, I'm a leader, I think this success is important to you. But rightly, there are many leaders on the contrary. If we are absolutely honest, we're confusing the power of volume more or less.

When it comes to planning and scheduling, you know nothing is going to the plan. The best executives not only know, but act and build some flexibility in their schedule.

So what do I do with flexible scheduling? Make it clear that we are not about to leave but leave enough time to handle unexpected events. Things like:

1. A fire alarm starts, and an hour later, the building has to be emptied.

2nd The computer network goes down from one day to the next.

3rd It's a member of your team who wants to talk to you urgently.

4th A decision that takes a longer time at a meeting, which means you are up for the rest of the day.

If your schedule is completely packed there is no place for unexpected events, you set the following:

o a stressful working time
o a lot of frustration
o have not enough time to think and handle the challenges or problems
o there is a greater risk of making a serious mistake.

No one is likely to be a great contributor to success. So, it's a good idea to create some flexibility in the schedule to reach the results and achieve the desired result. A few simple things you can do:

o Timing before and after each session that can not be used to handle unexpected events.
o Not overly optimistic about what to do in a day. It is better to have two very important things that really make a difference, not a list that is full of beautiful things, but not essential things.

Bottom Line – Flexibility is not about freewheeling; that it must be recognized that as a leader must be ready and be able to deal with the unexpected.

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