Leaders must be ready

Although effective leadership has many benefits, especially personal knowledge of the person, makes a meaningful, advantageous distinction, is better for an organization, believes it and deserves it and serves and represents the stakeholders, there are usually several obstacles and challenges . Whether someone tackles these obstacles or even challenges or challenges to defeat is perhaps the most important factor that determines the outcome. Only when and when an individual is fully prepared, including relevant training, learning, and making relevant judgments, and positive, talented and attentive, often determines whether there is a significant, relevant difference between the better and the better. They often say that someone is ready and able to drive, but only when the individual is properly prepared is ready with the skill that is usually possible for the first time before the last two. With this in mind, this article tries to briefly examine, review and discuss the use of a mnemonic approach, why it is so important to quality leadership

1. Relevant; susceptible; decision; responsible: You can only be ready, you can lead it to recognize and highlight the most important aspects and prepare accordingly. If you are prepared and ready, the individual must react in a timely manner, responding in a timely way to problems as a problem, as problems. True leaders assume the responsibility, never move to others and complain.

2nd Empathic; emphasis; energize: The leader should not be the leader's personal agenda and / or self-interest! Real leaders must be genuinely empathetic and focus on the goals, priorities, needs and perceptions they serve and represent. When it continues, it is thus able to energize others and thus to inspire and inspire them, to cultivate and participate more fully and to work hard

. Warning; attitude; suitability; Action: The art of quality leadership requires tremendous attention, with open mind, the best way to focus and pursue. By combining positive, attitudes, attitudes and relevant, well-developed skills, one is ready, ready to act and prepared for the creation, development and implementation of a strategic and action plan

4. dreams; you take a deep breath; deliver: Man must possess the relevant dreams and have a vital, vivid vision combined with the willingness and the ability to deepen, if you are hoping, to achieve the best driving! It's always up to you, if you're ready and ready for the difference, the better! I was thinking about the leaders READY at the same time! Will you, to the task and the responsibility?

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