Keep the flame live – Interpersonal communication

Keeping the Flame Alive keeps communication. Communication is direct and indirect. It also relies on the participants to depend on each other, in some form or in a common story.

Marriage between the two persons is not merely two units of physical form. This is actually a unit of two minds and two souls. Unless the two minds are working, other physical perfections will not help in saving the marriage. Marital reconciliation means that the couple has a good understanding of physically, mentally and emotionally, and of course financially.

After a big wedding, a longer honeymoon can create an exotic place, euphoria dies, old differences will surely suppress its ugly face. Therefore, two people should not make a final decision unless they are completely willing to accept each other, mistakes, and everything. No matter how busy both of them should be healthy vibrations and communication between them, and they need to find time. The constant pursuit of career success can create a terrible stain on the most compatible relationships. If individuals need so many jobs that require a lot of travel and irregular hours, they need a lot of commitment, involvement, effort, and planning to keep the relationship running and keep the flame of mutual attraction alive. Always try to talk about your difference. There is no misunderstanding that can not be resolved with proper dialogue. Tangra is twice, right?

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