Is your email sending the correct message?

I'm sure some of them start the day in the morning or with a cup of coffee, but when we get to work, one of the first things we do is check our email. This seems to be an important step in setting the pace for the rest of the day.

Although becoming an integral part of most people's world, e-mail is sometimes the most bad form of communication. When talking to someone with a face, the various parts of the brain are separated by words and "melody" to understand intonation, mood, emotions, and so on.

However, your brain can not do the same reading text on the screen, because often lost messages may be lost or misinterpreted. Therefore, regardless of whether you are writing in a personal and professional environment, it is very important to use both words and words read by the reader.

The more email you write, you hopefully become wiser and can represent your own growth. Thinking about what worked well and not, you will understand how best to expose your ideas in a way that the reader understands and gets the best results.

Of course, our brain registers words and phrases differently, which can trigger emotional triggers in the reader. Therefore, writing into a business environment requires careful consideration and effort if the words chosen send bad signals and messages.

Here are some examples of how to send different messages:

"I can not speak now."


"I'm sorry but I'm currently occupied, could we talk tomorrow morning?"

"This proposal is so much so


" I have some questions about the draft: when can this be discussed? "

Changing writing habits and style requires time and effort, but after learning some of the key rules and tools, it's time and effort to change your writing habits and style. benefits and rewards will be great Save time, save reader time, reader will understand and get the right answer, and perhaps even more important to cut off all "e-mail ping pong" now in many mailboxes Yes, you know what I mean.

Good writing distinguishes between each other

Learning from good business writing helps you discern each other and create a great impression of a strong business. This will be a great tool for every job site. And the best time to start!

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