Is artificial intelligence curing humanity in their mediocrity?

I recently started discussing a new series of articles about the future of artificial intelligence. Specifically, how people should compete in the future with workplaces with machines, smart machines, sophisticated algorithms, AI, and perhaps even programming capability. How can people compete against artificially intelligent robots doing everyday tasks in the working environment? All right, let's talk about this in the second case what?

You see, we have a demographic shift in the United States, we have an unemployment problem, and we're doing everything we do, pushing more regulators, lawyers, and trade unions to rethink their opportunities strategically, such as sharing and / or outsourcing. Not to mention that when ObamaCare hits it in 2014, it costs $ 4,500 per year, even for the lowest paid employee compared to last year, only for health insurance. Mechanical intelligent robotics can be the only answer at work.

Maybe going to a fast food, ordering a robot, and the machine like a factory, preparing your food, and handing it over to you. All you have to do is give them the money for the first time. You think that such realities do not come, I guarantee that this will happen. Now it also forces people to do something else, and it omits their mediocrity. If they want to compete with robots, they have to compete with ever-growing intelligent systems, so they need to be smarter, have to try harder, and not take things.

Many in the United States complain about different things and the difficulties they encounter. However, if I go to a third world state and try to deal with the simplest tasks, you will face immediate challenges even for the simplest things, such as a glass of water that you actually drink without having to take Russian roulettes anywhere with any organisms, microbes or bacteria.

You see, people are too good in the United States, and they do not fully understand. Why, since they are so easy to do, they are easily fertilized, and unfortunately most of them have stopped thinking. For example, check out what's on Twitter or Facebook and see for yourself how strange people are.

My prediction, therefore, is that the future of AI computer systems and robotics cures the man of mediocrity in the workplace and forces them to try harder, work harder, and at a certain time a piece of reality. Please consider this and think about it.

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