iPhone dimensioning using MobileMe

I have the new iPhone and always use it. Do you spend a lot of time synchronizing with your laptop or desktop computer? Not quiet boring that you have to do it manually every time? Wouldn't it be good for the iPhone to sync automatically with other devices? Well, MobileMe on the iPhone is what you need.

MobileMe on iPhone allows you to push emails, calendar entries, and contacts on all devices. You no longer use the docking station to manually sync your iPhone. Now all the information is current on your computer or MAC.

The calendar will be synchronized on all other devices. If you change it at an appointment and type it on the iPhone, it will appear on all devices. When you join MobileMe, you will receive a me.com email account that is always up to date. All new messages are automatically shifted to iPhone and incoming messages are the same on all devices. This also includes how to read the messages when they are read or transmitted. MobileMe provides spam and virus protection. The address book is also fully accessible from computers and iPhone with MobileMe connections. All contact information, including photos, is automatically synchronized when you type them into your iPhone.

These great tips for MobileMe on iPhone save time and cause many headaches. It is not affordable to have all the information about all devices without having to manually troubleshoot.

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