iPhone 4 Review

Why iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 stands out among the phones in terms of design. Its size is only 9.33 mm. Resistant to scratches. The front and back of the phone consists of glass, which provides good graphic quality.

What makes iPhone 4 so popular?

There are two buttons on the left side of the iPhone 4 for volume control and mute. The camera is on the front side. The rear side is equipped with LED flash and camera. There's an antenna on the side of the phone. It has a 3.5-inch screen that boasts 326 pixels per inch. The storage capacity is 32 GB, which is provided by the internal chip. It has a long battery life of 6 hours, which makes games, music and browsing easier.

Know your new features?

iPhone 4 has new operating systems, IOS4. This will help you perform a number of important tasks at the same time. This phone is a great opportunity for enthusiastic readers who can now read only large fonts. This phone costs $ 299. Another 16GB phone may cost around $ 199.

What will Apple do in the future for iPhone 4?

bearing in mind the objective of having their lightning compatible technology in their emerging modules.

They are struggling with launching smart phones, giving them much more power. So far, smart phone users need to be cautious before downloading new software.

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