Introduction to mobile phones

What is a cell phone?

Mobile phones, also known as mobile phones or cordless phones, are handheld phones with built-in antennas. Unlike home phones, mobile phones can be moved from place to place, with minimal discomfort. This is a good choice for people who want to be with other people, even if they are away from the houses.

How do mobile phones work?

Not many people know, but mobile phones are actually two radios like the walkie talkies of the past, though they are much more advanced. When you talk to your cell phone receiver, record your voice and convert the sound to radio waves. These waves travel in the air until they reach the receiver, which is usually located on a base station. This station then sends your call over a dial-up network as long as you are in contact with the person you want to talk to. Likewise, when someone calls a mobile phone, the signal goes through the telephone network until it reaches the nearby station. The station sends radio waves to adjacent areas. These radio waves are then picked up by the mobile phone and the human voice is transformed.

Mobile phones are a tremendous enhancement to the telecommunications technology of the past and are nowadays becoming the foundations of modern life. As always, communication is vital and mobile phones help you communicate better with the most important people of their lives. Using a mobile phone is one of the first steps to effectively take part in the emerging global economy.

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