Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

This article introduces you to the definition, advantages and disadvantages of information communication technology (ICT). It is important to carefully read the basics of Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Abbreviation of

Information Technology (ICT) or Information Technology (IT), Use of Computers. and telecommunication technologies and tools for generating, managing, storing, transmitting and retrieving information safely. Included are: –

• Computers – Desktops, Laptops, Palmtops, PDAs, Mainframe

• Phones

• Mobile Phones (GSM)

• Fax Machines

• Television sets

• Satellites

• Internet

The Benefits of ICT

The benefits of Information Communication Technology (ICT) are:

1. Provides timely, better and cheaper access to knowledge and information.

2. Accelerates business transactions, productions, and management processes.

3. ICT has enabled people worldwide to access the Internet in a new and exciting way.

4. Businesses and transactions have come closer with ICT tools.

5. This is a very reliable, flexible, fast and accurate way of disseminating information in modern times.

6. Provides employment opportunities and opens new career paths for people from all over the world.


Disadvantages of ICT

Despite many advantages, ICT has few limitations, some of which: –

1. Workplace Loss: In offices, ICT applications can reduce jobs, as manual jobs and tasks are automated.

Cost 2: ICT components and devices are expensive and unaffordable for the general public.

3. Loss of Social Bond: The realization of ICT in every aspect of life limits personal human relationships and physical relationships, as most work and interactions are online.

4. Crime: ICT can lead to an increase in the rating of crimes. People are being cheated online. Computer crime, such as identity theft, credit card fraud, system hacking and piracy, is on the increase. The internet is being flooded by cyber criminals such as hackers, perverts and stalkers.

5. Abuse: This is another disadvantage of ICT. Some examples are pornography (especially child pornography), plagiarism, computer war, e-mail spam, etc.

6. Addiction: The use of ICT is addictive. Obsessive users can spend hours online. This behavior can lead to stress and other health problems.

Many parents believe that the most frequent adverse effects of ICT may include contacting their child with aggressive or inappropriate content, endangering their physical health (visual impairment, stiffness, spine) due to longer sitting in front of the computer, obesity and loss of reality with the real world leading to addiction. In addition, they emphasize that all positive effects are the acquisition of new knowledge and skills that a child can provide from IT to future employment. A parent who feels that the use of ICT is more harmful than that of their child; arguing that a four-year-old child is too young to be exposed to ICT

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