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Unless you become extremely popular on your personal or business name, you'll probably need all the marketing and promotion. Well, of course I could say that, but who is the money? This is a good and fair question. You may be surprised, but when I say, you do not need money for the most valuable marketing – radio advertising.

If you are not a person who is listening to the radio, the next time you drive, you will be integrated into one of the local conversations and listen a bit. Try to find something that is not a sporty conversation, even though it has offered me what kind of free advertising I want to explain. What you will hear is an interview. Host of the talk show host who is an expert. Maybe a health show, and the subject of weight loss and the guest talking about a new diet.

Now, listen to it because you do not hear the guest begging for his book, his website, or the great product that every American fat man fuses the pounds. What you will hear in most cases is a person who explains the weight loss method, which is a new approach. Now, sometimes the whole show, this expert will certainly mention the product and the host will ask the expert to tell the audience how to order.

Even if you're an avid observer or the voice of these shows and you've heard hundreds of guests, you do not know that 99% of these cases are not paid advertising.

You see, there are thousands of chat stations in America, and those that only program talk shows are likely to show five to ten different programs every day. Some of the fast maths say that tens of thousands of conversations on the national level need things that need to be talked about and that the guests are constantly listening to the students. This is where the spell comes from. As a new author, the seller or business owner – a talk show needs you.

Best of all, practically anyone can talk. When I published the first book, I Won the Mortgages Game, I had very few ideas on how to launch it, but I knew it was a very small budget. I made a web site, launched an ezine and it was extremely slow. That is, until I heard about the radio shows. I read a very well-written saying that I was talking to a man named Joe Sabah about approaching the radio producers and calling them to invite me to my guest.

The second show I ever did was an hourly interview at the station, hundreds of miles away from my home. The producer of my house called for a minute before I moved in and the host started asking about real estate financing. At the show, he told Mark at various points, tell the students how to get the book, and I just said to go to and use your credit card . Believe me, people can go far more to your site when they hear about the subject.

There are now some keys to accessing the radio and the appearance of product sales. First, there is a need for the names and the names of stations and producers. Do not forget that manufacturers make reservations to the people you want to talk to. When you get them on the phone, which is not easy, make sure you're prepared. Do not just say you want to come and talk about your new book or product. Let's start by telling you that we are experts, no matter which area is, and that there is a new system you want to share with the students.

Remember, this is very similar to sales. You have to talk to many producers to get some reservations. Not everyone will jump on what he offers. Make sure you speak in a good voice so the manufacturers think it will be good at the show.

When booked, make sure that there are more key points that students remember and make sure they know exactly how to get the product. Incidentally, if you would like a great list of radio stations and contact information, find Joe Sabah's book. Radio broadcasting is one of the best free ways to advertise. Exploited.

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