In the absence of others

I work with men and women who are fresh from the relationship. Hurt, betrayed and broken, some want revenge. Others often dazzle more people not to deal with what they feel. Nobody wants to hurt. But this pain, it often leads to a more successful relationship in the future. If we neglect to examine our part for a failure {missing, if it is a better term} connection, then we will bring the same behavior to the next. And what I often see, the pattern must be repeatedly and repeatedly repeated. So what are we doing?

I work with a very strong and independent woman right now. At present, they are caught with such toxic behaviors that harass their relationship. Because of the lack of boundaries, communication and lack of intimacy, they mean very dark moments. I really believe in taking the time to develop who we are, in order to bring our authentic self to our relationships. How many changes have occurred after they are "received"? In other words, find out who you are and exactly who you ever met in the first conversation. I'm not talking about putting all the cards on the table from the start. I'm talking about being honest in your affairs and making yourself right.

I remember working with a couple who came into my office after three years. Your friend was shocked to find out that his girlfriend did not like playing football with her on Sunday. Although it does not sound like a big business, the first two and a half years, it was Sunday's rite. When he suddenly said he did not want to do this, he thought he did not want to spend time with him. When we started diving in the sudden change, he could finally find out he never loved football. In fact he hated the first day. He admitted he was just happy.

When we are not authentic, we end up imploding. Think about how many Sundays you've been wasting in the past 2 and a half years. While applauding his willingness to compromise, he realized that this is no compromise at all. When his authentic self finally could not take it away, he started. And while she was relieved of relief, her girlfriend had no idea what was wrong and why she did not want to spend more with her on the weekend. With some honest communication in Sunday activities, you can intimacy and compromise. A quick solution to a longstanding problem.

What if it went different. Suppose they broke up and did not deal with this issue and talk about the next relationship. We have a good chance of meeting him. But turning to my current, strong, independent client when I asked myself to take care of yourself. He said he did not know how to think about the issues. I said it was not the reflection. It's about discovering who you are in the absence of others. When we feel ourselves, we feel comfortable with others. Really comfortable. One thing to compromise on a relationship. This is completely different to compromise.

Take the time to find your voice. Learn how to use it. Compromise is an integral part of any relationship. However, you can not compromise if you have not yet expressed your opinion. You will never know your opinion unless you know your authentic self.

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