Improve your leadership skills with active listening

Most managers feel they have good listening skills, but may not be as skilled as they think. Training the directors to be good students can have a significant impact on the organization's success. Listening is not as easy as hearing the words spoken by someone. This is actually a skill that will practice the master. I recently met with crusading conversations, side-by-side conversations, and an individual reading my email. Did we ask to listen more or less to each other?

As a leader we can learn our teams and ask big questions dramatically improve organizational efficiency. Manny Steil, a hearing expert and Communications Development, Inc.'s CEO, says there are four basic listening concepts: [1959-19004]

  • Sensation: can you hear the words?
  • Interpretation: Do you understand the words?
  • Evaluation / criticism: Do you accept or reject the words?
  • Answer: Do you take a final step from the conversation?
  • is the road to better listeners. So, how can we become more active listeners? Here are some helpful tips:

    1. Make a commitment to listening better. We use a lot of communication courses throughout our life. Have you ever had a student course?
    2. Be present! It's easy to let go of the mind and think about the many projects and tasks. Active listening requires you to be here now.
    3. Keep an eye open. Avoid listening to judgment, bias, or preconceived notions.
    4. Resist the external interference. Constantly focus on the conversation.
    5. If necessary, note the notes. In particular, it is important for employees to consider understanding during the conversation.
    6. Ask open-ended questions to clarify. These include what, how, when and where, or statements like "tell me more". Avoid using "why" because it places the loudspeaker on the defensive.
    7. Use the parafractive, summarizing and reflective communication skills (repeat what the student said)

    It's a fact that we are the least aware of the most important. This includes spouses, children, friends, staff, and bosses. Thus becoming a better listening student will not only enhance leadership skills and organizational efficiency, but will also have a significant positive impact on other relationships in our lives.

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