How to retrieve deleted SMS messages from your mobile phone?

Did you delete SMS messages that you do not want to delete? You will be pleased to find that many different software helps you find the messages you need. Although steps may vary slightly from phone to phone, here are some basic steps to recover deleted SMS messages.

first Download the software

The first step in recovering deleted messages is to download and install a mobile file manager. The FExplorer is free to download and is extremely effective in recovering messages. There are step-by-step instructions that will help you through the process.

2nd Start the software

After you download and install the FExplorer program, you want to start it. As soon as it appears on the screen, scroll to C: if you use phone memory to store messages and D: if you are using a storage card. This will help you find the desired messages.

3rd Open the system folder

Now that C: or D:, you open the system folder. This is the place where you can find the email folder containing all your messages, including the deleted SMS that you are trying to retrieve. After opening the system folder, locate the mail folder and open it.

4th Find deleted messages

The last step in restoring deleted SMS messages is to track the message or messages you are looking for. Within the e-mail folder you find several different folders that are similar to 0010001_s, and so on. These folders will be files whose name is 00100000. These files are the messages you want to retrieve. You have to open them at once and find the required deleted SMS messages.

Please note that these guidelines are not valid for all phones. There are phones that simply will not find the messages you are looking for. You may need to contact your telephone provider or do more research on the Internet to find the software you need.

You just know that these are the basic steps that will work for most phones. These are specifically designed for a Nokia device, but they also help you download messages that have been deleted from other phones. Take the time to find the various online software to find the most suitable for you and your phone. Once you have found the right software, you need to go to the park to recover deleted SMS messages.

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