How to pull out manufacturers and never get a TV or radio

One way of brand growth and expanding its influence as an industry expert is to deliver high demand for television news programs. This means that you need to build relationships with news program makers and give them what you need to do to work … content. Just a little humility, professionalism, patience and perseverance to do that.

But I have met too often people who do not receive and often ruin their chances of ever getting to these programs. They are also those who tend to complain about not getting the expected business. To learn something for others to learn, there are 12 ways we can never get to the TV, thanks to those who died before us.

Don't look at local TV programming : The main network partners offer local news to show local and national stories to inform and educate viewers. He ignores the local stations and don't take the time to find local experts in the morning, noon, or early evening local news package.

Don't contact your local stations : Most of the major partner network stations have local offices and studios with receptionists. Don't waste your time trying to find your phone number to ask for the names and email addresses of news magazine artists.

Don't bother yourself : Because you are too busy and you have to do not get to local producers with an introductory email that briefly explains who or what information they can give them to help them improve their segments.

Do Not Send Them : As an industry expert, you are likely to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and create content such as books, e-books, articles, blog posts, and more. Do not bother to help a manufacturer send an e-mail with 3 to 5 minutes each week to comment on. You have more important things to do.

Enjoy Sweet Time Answered : If by chance a television news producer responds to one of the drivers, wait a few days or even weeks to respond. It's even better to answer your assistant or ignore all emails. You may not be expected to fit into one more day.

Makes Existing Appointments More Important : If a producer needs an aircraft operator, he may ask an expert for a momentary notice or very early in the morning or even at very late night. Remove the manufacturer's request if you are too busy or do not want to move your existing appointments. So they will definitely not contact you in the future.

Let me know how uncomfortable they were : If you accidentally get invited to the studio for a camera interview and canceled or postponed, make a call or send an email to the manufacturer they know how uncomfortable was the unexpected change. I'm sure they will apologize and offer you.

Demand for Talking with His Boss : If he had fully accessed the studio and suddenly assumed that his segment would break the news and refused, let the manufacturer know how to talk to his boss about being uncomfortable.

Call and sound of disappointment : If the interviewed segment did not speak at the time and at the time when it was said, call or write to the producer to know how unfair it was to have time and time invested effort without reason. I'm sure they'll make sure they never happen again.

Do Not Send Thank You Note : Save Your Money and Don't Buy a Thank You Card. Forget about sending short news to the news program maker, and you can use this valuable five minutes on other major issues.

Let's find their own expert : Once we have established a relationship with a TV program producer, they can contact you in blue when they are looking for a topic that is close, but not exactly within your area of ​​expertise. Let them know that you can't help them, or simply ignore their request. Don't recommend them to other network experts who are more skilled at what they are looking for. Why not help them if you don't take advantage of the opportunity.

Send a "Nasty Gram" letter to the studio : Returns the email sent to the producer without notice, indicating that the manufacturer is no longer working there. TV manufacturers are experiencing a lot of stress and are under high pressure, which means that the person in a given situation can often change. But this is not your problem. Send an email or a letter to the studio describing the inconvenience of re-starting the new manufacturer's contact information.

It's as ridiculous as some or all of these points, so I've seen or heard of unconscious professionals who blamed these mistakes. I train VET professionals in expanding their business for speech. I help my clients understand how busy they are and what they need to do to name themselves as an industry expert. I welcome the comments that you have seen others making these mistakes or new ones that I have not included in this piece.

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