How to make radio commercials with POP!

Radio Ad Lab has made a study of what makes radio commercials work. Think about it … you've heard thousands of radio ads in your life so far and you hear thousands of people. How many people were asked to pick up the phone, go to the web site, or drive the business you heard? Not many.

If you're already advertising your business on radio or planning to buy a radio, please read it to make sense of your advertising dollars.

Most wireless advertisements do not work as well as they could, and this ongoing research focused on finding out what works great ads. The study measures students' physiological responses to selected radio advertisements to find out which creative elements are the best performing advertising. Here are:

Strong beginnings make a difference, "too many ideas" are lost and sensory words are gained.

Let's look at these three points one by one.

first Strong beginnings make the difference. This means that we must seize the first sentence in the first sentence. attention or you will never get it. Some ideas with humor, with vigorous words, slowly told me to emphasize the point or a compelling question. Appreciating the best approach to a radio announcement depends on the tone you want to set your ad and the product or service you sell, but the point is, if there is no strong first 5 10 seconds, you waste your money for the remaining 25-55 seconds.

2nd "Too many ideas" loses. This is so common in radio advertisements and there is such an unnecessary mistake. It takes 15, 30 or 60 seconds of radio time, and if you are trying to sell more ideas in a short time, students have no idea what message is most important. Even worse, they are perfectly balanced, they feel as if they want to sell everything and the kitchen sink. Decide on the job you expect your ads to reach you and target a message to achieve that goal. One of the best examples of branding is through a message through the Nike campaign – Just Do It. You bet he does not see swooshot without thinking about the three words. A campaign idea brings the home message to the maximum number of students and will remember it.

3rd Sensory words to win. A friend from Wendy Kinney called me for a term, not a single restaurant will promote the crap of the dead cow, and it promotes stimulating roasts. Take this step further and talk about the freshly cracked black pepper flavor at the edge of an excellent New York strip in the way you like and serve it with warm, silky blue cheesecake sauce. I was hungry? Sensory words gain no matter what product or service they sell. Think about the sensory experience your customers see when they deal with you and think about your existing radio announcement – use the same words? If not, you need new radio ads.

4th Oh, look … there is a bonus here, the fourth point I give out of radio experiences from years of experience: less words have a greater impact. Give the loud talent the time they need, actually sell the message using the few words you can to convey this message. Of course, I can get 150 words in sixty seconds … If you do not believe me, I'll give you a demo! But is there a place like this job? Not only no, but the double toothpick does not! Returning to point 2, which points out only one point per campaign, this bonus point is based on: too many words dilute the message best, and in the worst case, students are tuned well before the end of the ad, # 39; to pay. Why? Because when you press too many words for a while, reading will run to fit. People do not want to hear a rushing speech announcing the words, wanting to hear a friendly voice for them something they need to know in a conversational way. Less words have more impact and allow loud talents to have the opportunity to romance their message. And this makes it easier for students to get up and get their attention.

So now you understand what works really good, effective radio ads. Review your existing scripts, or just review the "Thinking of Radios" section, review the above material. If you're on a radio schedule, you must be sure that the ads are doing the best job you can do. Anything less waste your money, and if you like me, you do not want to waste money!

The next time you realize that radio advertising is very positive, consider the words that alerted you to your future use. When dealing with your clients, listen to the words you use to describe your experience with your services or products and keep the list of words for future advertising purposes. You can win this!

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