How to communicate with global partners

Global partners, members of the long distance team and virtual manufacturers need one thing. Effective presentation skills for effective communication. Do you have the appropriate training to communicate successfully in a global marketplace?

Last week, a new coaching client approached me with this question: "How can I communicate, so my message is clearly visible to global partners who speak a different language?"

I always get this question.

Long answer … and a short answer.

I'll give you the short.

Talk to a visual language. Share your story with pictures that go beyond the various verbal languages. Talk in a colorful, vivid combination of images and worlds.

Of course, some people throw their eyes and throw their hands.

"But I have no visual bone in my body!"

"But I can't draw a straight line!"

"But most left-wing brain guys you ever meet."

Trust me. I understand. But I still hope.

This kind of comment prompted me to create extremely simple cheat sheets, icon-book manuals and step-by-step guides for drawing icons.

I made it so simple that even if you have zero artistic talent, grab a marker and run (not walk) on the board.

But if you haven't seen the sketchy tools of cool tables in my Visual Storytelling course, you can contact global partners with visual thinking. Even if you haven't heard of the new iPhone application, TheMagicMarker (.) Com, which shows you how to draw icons in a snap, it's still possible.

Now I will show you how to speak a visual language in three easy steps. This will help you grasp ideas, simplify complex business concepts, and impress your customers with stunning images.

Step 1: Displaying Concepts with Shapes

I bet you can draw a circle, a square and a triangle, right? I thought. These three shapes can reach you through an important meeting – from start to finish.

Draw from left to right – make a big circle, then a square and a triangle in the middle. Draw a triangle with a point to the right of the table.

Step 2: Write Keywords in Shapes

Enter an address for each shapes. For example, write in the circle: "Why are we here?" In the square: "What we have to decide." In the triangle, "The Next Steps."

See? It wasn't that rough!

If you want to write less, it can be divided into three words: goal, decision and action. It is a very useful and flexible arrangement for a well organized meeting with global clients and partners.

Of course, if you have three different keywords, use them. Make sure the titles match what you're discussing during the presentation.

Step 3: Purchase a Procurement from the Group

If you work in a personal session, talk and discuss people. Brainstorm Solutions Together. Record ideas when people talk to document the conversation.

Tip: If you run out of room, add more ideas to the flip chart and put it under the shape you are discussing.

Otherwise, if you are working on a virtual presentation, make sure that everyone draws the same three shapes. This provides a common language and a common experience for partners in different locations.

Although there is much more to draw ideas and dazzle customers, it is a strong start.

After seeing how it works and how productive it is you want to use more images to make global meetings come true! If it is important for you to get results with global partners, increase your sales and problem solving capabilities with the board.

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