How much is satellite radio?

When jumping on the satellite radio band, many questions have to be asked: "How does satellite radio work?", "What equipment do I have to buy?" etc., but in this article I try to answer a question that will appear to everyone: "HOW DOES SATELLITE RADIO SYSTEM WORK"? This is a tricky question because the cost of satellite radio can be divided into two parts: installation (or activation) costs and monthly subscription fees. Let's look at some of these questions to find a better idea.

Activation costs?

Activation costs relate to the amount of money sent to XM or Sirius Satellite Radio to launch the service. Although you find a lot of promotions that save money, activation costs can vary and activate over the phone or over the internet. Specifically, if you activate the satellite on the phone, you pay $ 1,500 if you choose Sirius Satellite or $ 14.99 by choosing XM and when you activate the WWW, the price of the goods is somewhat lower: $ 5 for Sirius or $ 9.99 for XM. As far as monthly subscription costs are concerned, we will discuss below, but I have to say before that recent media campaigns dramatically reduce installation and activation rates for both Sirius and XM, and in some cases offer free activation.

What are the typical costs of a car-dedicated installation?

If you want to install a satellite radio in your car, ask for a new satellite-ready car stereo if you do not have it. Although many local dealers offer integrated satellite radio, there is still a satellite receiver. And these, as you can see, spend money. However, it is possible to have an existing car stereo that does not support satellite radio. How? Two known ways to connect a receiver to a non-satellite radio car stereo. First, using the radio inputs (usually the CD) and installing a control unit for tuning satellite radio streams. The second method consists in installing a satellite radio receiver that broadcasts the satellite radio signal at FM frequency. Receiver installation location: under the seat, in the trunk, etc., Ensure that the receiver is connected to the satellite radio antenna on the outside of the car.

So the minimum cost is $ 350.00 and a maximum of $ 600, as follows:

Buyer $ 75 – $ 125

Radio $ 125 – $ 250

Antenna $ 60.00 [19659002] 80.00

Activation $ 10

Own Home Installation Costs

If you choose this option, you will need to install a dedicated stereo receiver that in some cases is similar to regular AM / FM receivers. Additional costs include an antenna, which is available at $ 60. Here is a brief overview of the approximate pricing of the dedicated stereo receiver:

Buyer $ 150 – $ 300

Antenna $ 60

Activation $ 10

How Much Does a Portable Unit Have?

Portable units make it easy for you to use a new satellite radio anywhere, but each room requires your own home set (antennas, output cables, and power supplies). The price of the option is about $ 400.

$ 120

Home Set $ ​​140

Boombox x2 $ 100

Activate $ 10

What about subscription costs?

As far as subscription costs are concerned, it depends on whether you have Sirius or XM Satellite Radio.
Subscription costs for Sirius Satellite Radio are paid monthly, with a fee of $ 12.95 and a low-cost subscription for one to two years. The highest number of Sirius radios that can be activated at $ 6.99 a month. Business subscriptions are $ 24.99 per month. Another interesting thing is that for $ 499.99, Sirius offers a lifetime subscription.

On the other hand, if you have XM Satellite Radio, you have to pay $ 9.99 a month. Still, some channels have to be paid separately, such as Playboy Radio, which pays an additional $ 2.99 a month. Trade and business subscriptions cost $ 24.99 per month.

Although not all possible questions are raised, we now have a better idea to make a more informed decision on a satellite radio or just wait for the technology to be even better and cheaper.

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