How Internet TV, Radio and Printing Changed

The entertainment industry has not only changed its landscape on the Internet, but has also affected the broadcasting and publishing world of TV, radio and print. Below we analyze each sector and how it has affected the powerful tornado across the globe that is called the Internet.

(1) TV and Radio

The old rituals placed in front of the box at a specific time, on a given day – are now archaic. We can catch all of our favorite shows online in a spell or in another form.

The annotations claimed that in the future all television shows appear on the internet, where unwarranted many other viewers are recorded than ever on a TV channel. The world's public has opened up, and this is explained by how the Internet has changed the planet.

The mystery and seduction of TV is faded, as people can get news and rumors about their favorite TV shows online, where it is common knowledge that what will happen on the show before it even appears on TV.

(2) Radio

Surely the Internet has changed the radio broadcast data as well. We now have access to listening to online radio stations and downloading podcasts to missed shows.

The Internet dramatically changed the way we communicate with local radio stations, where everything is instant, and presentations are virtually delivered by posts and posts that people – texts, tweets, Facebook posts and emails.

By accident, all this can be done on a moving road through the smart phone that fits perfectly with the radio, as we are inclined to listen to many people during commute.

(3) Print – Books, Magazines, Newspapers

Is there an industry that is not affected by this incredible phenomenon? The Internet has changed the printing environment, leaving the industry in the background.

People are now in my ear to the parties on holiday, instead of a nasty heavy book; they read web news instead of trying to go to the local newsstand. These are just two examples of a very long list of how the internet is introduced to change people's daily lives.

Traditional printing companies saw their revenue disappearing, and now they have to figure out how to digitize their content to get the new consumer variety up.

Some arguments that the news bulletin is of high quality for the physical press and where their competitive advantage lies.

However, this USP will certainly not last forever, as companies now create huge sums of money to build a strong online presence, with highly respected editors and journalists taking part in the challenge.

This new era of information brought a new kind of reporter – formerly a "blogger". The Internet has changed the way we look at these people who are often treated as experts in their territory. They have become key influences and tastes in society, sometimes even stronger than a newspaper or magazine editor.

The unexpected world storm, the so-called Internet that has affected our planet in recent years, has affected both aspects of our personal and working lives. After we have destroyed life as we have known; Now it has opened new waters for us, full of stimulating business opportunities for brave navigation and fishing.

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