Ham Radio Operators Coffee Mug

Almost everywhere you look, there are amateur (ham) radioservers

has the least coffee cups in their hands when they operate a radio

sitting beside the rig! Depends on where they are in talk-in (TI) a

Hamfest or just ragingwing the mug is not far away.

If they're at home (on the radio), they're just dirty chewing

(conversation) to a friend, or maybe you've just contacted miles

where they live, the coffee cup is not far from them! Even if they are

works on some digital transfer / receiving cups not far from their own

can achieve that if you sip it, you are there! This is the mug

and / or your operating ticket or the date of the most recent update

and their name

If a bunch of ham comes together for a day of a field, the coffee pot (s)

keeps the fresh coffee fresh. Market participants

always filled the cups (the cups were empty) between the transitions. Some

might work on sound or digital, such as Morse code or packet HF

frequency, while others use the same modes for VHF or UHF

frequencies. No matter what the radios do

watches (or waits for the line) and those who just stick rags with each other

the other invaluable mugs are close to each one. These mugs in general

club or principal call sign and date of activity

In the work or game, the Ham Radio Operator is generally a coffee cup

is at your disposal! These mugs may be the time and date of the Amateur Radio Club

meetings (week three on the third Tuesday of each month) and the club call sign. You know

also has the next Hamfest date with the chat channel

advertisement! Think of the possibility that one coffee can be made

mugs even the dates and frequencies of the next DX pedicure that you or

other hams are doing. No matter where these Ham Operators are

what they do, every time the mug is raised to a card or whatever it is

advertisement about what's in the coffee cup.

Coffee cups are a very important tool for all Ham Radio Operators

and these people are everywhere! So there are more operators or prospects

Amateur radio shows at your next meeting, DXpedition or special

event station, one of the best advertising modes is to have coffee

mugs and distribute them to amateur radio operators.

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