Fun Activities With Mobile Phones

Discussion between teachers, parents, students, and administrative staff is something that students should be able to carry in the classroom. Mobile phones are very popular among students and are owned by almost everyone. Many parents believe that mobiles are necessary to contact their children in an emergency.

Teachers believe that mobile in the classroom is confusing because it affects student concentration. However, students with mobile phones are an inevitable fact. Integrating mobile phone activities with learning can help you learn in the classroom with some excitement.

Comparison of Features

This is a perfect start. It is very natural for students to discuss the different functions of each other's mobile phones in the classroom. Teachers will be able to gain the attention and interest of students. Invite students to create groups and write descriptions and functions from the selected mobile phone. They can then conduct group discussions to understand the usefulness, appearance and disadvantages of these phones. Based on the discussion, students can rank all mobile phones.

Mobile Phones as Teaching Tools

The next step would be to ask students how I would like to use mobile phones to enhance learning. This would help to use the same tool in a more innovative way to create value in their daily lives. Let's see the use of some mobile devices. 1) Digital cameras. Use them to create multimedia presentations and reports. 2) Dictionaries. It is very useful in literary and linguistic classes so that students can quickly understand the meaning of words. 3) Internet access. Students can share their work with others.

Real Activities

The next step is to invite students to apply all of the above four points and perform some activities. Suppose this is a language class, then ask them to find unusual words, jargon, phrases, etc. In other classes, they can present different topics and share them with others.

Conversational Issues

According to various researches, cell phone radiation can cause serious health problems. How do mobile phones affect health and the environment and what steps should be taken to prevent risks? Use this topic during the conversation to draw attention to the young generation, especially teenagers.

Mobile Security

Mobile phones are valuable to everyone and are always vulnerable to theft. Students can do research on mobile applications available on the market to download the protection of their mobile and data on it.

Now we can see that mobile phones do not hinder classroom learning, but they can be a very powerful tool, depending on how teachers can use them creatively.

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