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Competition is small when running a small business. How to find potential customers on the Internet? To be the industry leader, the sharp, fresh content is gurus.

So what's the content? Content is a message transmitted in different forms of communication. Content is presented in the form of articles, videos, and blogs that are designed to attract and educate customers and attract new stores.

Here are some starting points for small business owners who are new to creating great content.

• Research

Read books and publications on the industry. Search with competitors & # 39; websites and holes in the content. Find out what they are not telling their customers. Don't just sell to your customers. Find out what your needs are and offer solutions to your problems. Ask questions. Give them information about why they pay too much for certain products.

• Attention Snatching Headlines

Technology has brought all the attention. When people get online, they usually only search for sites. You have seconds to receive and keep track of your site. The header should be sharp and sincere. For example, I wrote an article about authentic personal branding. Instead of a long header, I just asked, "Are you really false?" in my head. I was trying to find nerves in my reading and it worked.

• Conferences and Network Events

Reading books and publications is a great start, but you should have decades of experience in the events organized by people in the industry. If you are in a shop, you will remain a student. These events are useful because they will be able to meet customers, but you will also be able to create ideas for videos and articles on your site.

• Social media platforms

Social media is a definite way to reach millions of people in the most cost-effective way. The use of social media can be useful if you use a strategic approach. Join the online communities of your industry. Choose two strong social media platforms and learn how to use them. If you have too many platforms, it will be difficult to have a dialogue with readers. Test your product testers and deliveries to your customers. Ask your customers to ask what content they want to see.

• Audio and Video Content

Audio content is in the form of radio and podcasting. Use SoundCloud-like tools to create a podcast. This is a more intimate way to communicate on a small platform. You can also invite guests to your podcast. Video is a way to reach another person and your face is there. The popular video platform is YouTube. The disadvantage of the video is that it opens itself to positive and negative feedback if it is justified or not.

Remember that content needs to be updated regularly. As business and industry change, new topics are always written. If you are passionate about your business, do everything you need to avoid the current situation.

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