Evaluation using interactive response systems

Interactive response systems enhance pedagogy in learning. These systems help students to get to know the subject in an enjoyable and stimulating way. It helps to focus individual students.

Systems have a core coach, a student device, a wireless receiver, and a presentation software. The teacher asks for questionnaires, such as real / fake, yes / no, multiple choice questions, etc. And the student answered the questions by pressing the handset buttons. The teacher issues his or her own questions with the student using software or purchases content from the market. The teacher can learn the students' assessment of the students. The software instantly displays multimedia 3D games and graphs. The teacher gets a personal opinion on the topic, collects data for reporting and analyzing students. You can save reports to a computer in file formats such as Excel, PDF, HTML, and so on.

These ICT products help teachers find information on students' strengths and weaknesses. The teacher can use this information to improve students' understanding of the topic. It has been scientifically proven that students who are learning this ICT product understand the understanding much more easily than those who are familiar with traditional methods. It has also been observed that the use of interactive response systems helps to improve attention and keep information during the session. Even a spare-type student can choose with spontaneous confidence through interactive response systems. Integration with the visualizer is a wonderful tool for answering spontaneous questions in the classroom.

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