Effective Communication Skills – Send a Message

"I know you think she understands what I said, but I do not think you understand what I said, this is not what I thought."

Effective communication plays a key role in our personal relationships. Maximize the impact of our message while minimizing misunderstandings and defenses.

Obviously use your own messages with "I" statements, such as "I Feel …" . Personal responsibility involves the responsibility of ideas and feelings you express. People deny messages when they use terms like "most people …" or "you know …" that can defend others when they think they're talking to you

. Provide any information that another person needs to understand, such as the assumptions you have made, their intention to tell them, etc. For example, do not just say "I want you to change." it means what the change is.

Make sure your body language is the same as what you say. Facing your eyes; keep eye contact, listen to the voice and level of your voice. People respond to verbal communication more than verbal because nonverbal messages are stronger and more accurate than our feelings. We hear what we say, but we do not always see what we are doing.

Get feedback on how others perceive your messages. Ask them what they have heard and what they have been told.

Good time and place. Find time and space that works well for the people concerned. When someone goes out in the door to catch a bus or when they are ready to go to bed after a long, busy day is not the best time to talk. Discussing private affairs in a busy dining room or lift is not necessarily the best choice of places.

Think about it before you talk. Decide what you want to say before you talk. Think about it. How can the other person react? What are your intentions? Did he really want to say it?

Make sure you are watching the other person's attention. Wait until the phone is switched off or until the TV is switched off. Ensuring eye contact is aware that you are devoting attention to it.

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