Does texting offend the communication skills of today's young people?

Communication Skills for Younger Generations: Writing and Using Mobile Phones.

On 21 January, USA Today announced that nearly 40% of companies are expected to increase staffing next year.

They were asked what skills dormitories should be emphasized. Interestingly, 89% of employers said "Effective communication in word and writing".

Recently, it has been seen whether textiles are offensive with the young generation's ability to maintain conversations in real life.

Is this true? Not sure.

Anecdotally I can say that two teenagers, Tyler 19 and Jaclyn are 15 years of great conversation at the table. Although we had to understand cell phones and text messages earlier.

This is the understanding that mobile phones are not called for dinner. I informed my children that if the person who wants to dine the texts and talk to everybody, the communication will be okay. The "virtual" people are reluctant to see.

So, what should be taught to younger people about communication? Simple, as important as ever. Business is carried out by people interacting with each other. Of course, email and text messages are in place. And a skilled person knows that sometimes it's much easier to pick up a cell phone or walk to someone's desk and talk to them personally. Now and in the future, a valuable associate will be the person with the flexibility and social competence to know what media is used and the best way to communicate to the audience.

As we all know, messaging to mobile phones and other forms of social media, when used as a business or pleasure, they hear. Dear employers know how to use the trend. And this person, you can be sure, still enjoys a clear competitive edge on the labor market among those who refuse to use the media effectively.

What do you think?

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