Do you know why accreditation is important in e-learning?

Accreditation system or process for the public

trust and development tool in education


Promotes the level of basic education in education

institution through a process that examines a school

faculty, course content, recruitment exercises, recordings

procedures and so on

Accreditation is similar to the world:

* Provides quality education programs for

Standards and Rigorous Evaluation Criteria

* Encouraging Institutions to Higher Quality

and efficiency

* Creating a system of public trust and accountability

You can learn a lot about the reputation of an institution

and the general quality of its university programs

accreditation status.

In most countries, education providers nationwide

is regulated and regulated, usually a single government

agency, such as the Ministry of Education. In the United States and Europe

However, Canada does not have a centralized authority, but

regional accreditation bodies provide high standards

university programs and institutions

Granting associations or governing bodies

accreditation is responsible for creating it

criteria and institutions visited and evaluated, and

grants accreditation to these programs and institutions

that meet the criteria.

It's probably the best evidence of any online education program

worth the time and money from school

accreditation. The accreditation process ensures the school

with regard to the teaching staff, recruitment,

admission, faculty and many more. Indicates that a

institution provides quality education and continuously

is working to improve its overall effectiveness and its students

CHEA, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation,

recalls that accreditation also serves other purposes

to ensure the academic quality of students and students


* Students need accreditation

federal funds subsidies and loans in the United States.

* Accreditation provides a transfer between colleges and colleges

universities are easier.

* Employers seek accreditation status during the assessment

certification of applicants and financial offerings

Aid to Workers

When you see an institution accredited by

is a recognized authority, you can be assured of its integrity and

Commitment to Students

Accreditation Types

Institutions and Individual Programs (Faculties) One

institution is involved in the accreditation process. THE

is two types of accreditation that is commonly used throughout

world are:

Institutional Accreditation

Institutional accreditation is awarded if you are a college or

university meets the

is an accreditation agency. The effectiveness of the whole school

operation, including university instructors, public administration and related persons

Services – Reviewed and Certified

Special, Professional or Program Accreditation

You are either a department, a program or a school at a college

is often sought by an institution accredited by a university

specialized accreditation. Special accreditation

focuses on more stringent specifications

study area – engineering, law, education and nursing


Licensing bodies governing certain professions

requires a student to attend special programs

is accreditation, so it's important for the prospective

listen to know what to allow

doctor in his area.

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