Direct Mail for Tennis Coaches

I welcome all my co-workers.

How are you guys?

My goal is to help any tennis coach who wants to start his own private tennis coaching activity.

Now, for good things!

Today I want to talk about direct correspondence and about my own strength in growing my tennis training program.

Direct mail, meeting your prospects and current students where they are.

In their home.

"And it seems that 2000 and 5000 great dealers work at one time."

It's better.

These sellers will never take off, complain or cause you any problems.

How's that sound?

Remember, however.

Direct mail may be expensive if you are not doing the right thing.

You should therefore use Creative Direct Mail


Take your staff or do yourself at the start of the marketing campaign.

I'm going to give the staff the schools and the companies and I want to focus on all the connections.

Your email should have a strong keyword to capture your attention and benefit from this title .

Staff uses the header on sales pitch emotions.

During the cold mailing process, you should not try to sell anything.

The personal purpose of cold mailing is to inquire and track them by phone and e-mail.

They should be easily locked, so do not worry about registering.

Just work in the process.

Now when I'm called.

Make sure your staff gets their contact information and then you have to fill in the database system.

You can now begin a great relationship with them as long as you like.

To speed up the whole process, you can also rent a good list for about $ 200.

Find a good listing facilitator and complete both direct mailing ideas at the same time.

The campaign must be at least 3 months.

This gives you guys some time to develop stitches and refine the approach.

The private program should be double this time, and the next step is most important.

Pull out big, blow it up.

Growth focused on a powerful front-end marketing campaign every time.

You must put your monthly earnings back on the direct mail.

But pay for yourself first and then use the other money for multiple front-end marketing.

If you use this creative mode to use Direct Mail, you can actually make 800,000 between 6 and 9 months !!

As I said, direct mail can be very powerful for your apprentice!

Add this marketing model to your position and if you need help, please share it with me.

I'll talk to you guys this month.

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