Differences Between Amplifier and Receiver

You may have heard your companions. conversations in the backyard BBQ last weekend on how to improve TV sound in their home theater systems. However, they may be confused because it appeared that & quot; amplifier & # 39; and & # 39; interchangeable. And since then, you have not been able to think about the difference between the amplifier and the receiver and what will be the best for you.

The Difference Between Amplifier and Receiver ….

Amplifier is a box that receives, amplifies and transmits audio signals to connected speakers. The amplifier has no interface (ie buttons or buttons) for inputs, outputs, volumes, etc. therefore, you need to purchase a pre-amplifier (or a pre-amplifier) ‚Äč‚Äčseparately to do this.

The receiver is a box consisting of an amplifier, preamplifier and built-in radio transmitter. You can control multiple inputs (video and audio inputs such as TV boxes, game consoles, DVD / Blu-ray players) and outputs (video and audio outputs such as LCD TV, speakers) and interface (eg Buttons or Buttons). The built-in radio may need to be connected to the appropriate antenna to receive a radio signal.

In local electronic stores, he saw the term stereo receiver and the AV receiver (or Audio Video Receiver).

So what exactly is a stereo receiver and an AV receiver?

The stereo receiver was originally what the receiver called. It consists of an amplifier, preamplifier and built-in radio transmitter. Designed to handle only sound signals.

However, as the home entertainment system evolves, the receiver is also able to handle video and audio signals. The label AV receiver is used to distinguish between a stereo receiver (2-channel audio signal inputs) and an AV receiver (multi-channel audio and video signal inputs).

Generally, it is believed that the acquisition of an amplifier and another separate amplifier provides the best performance in sound. Being stand-alone, it provides flexibility in upgrading and upgrading parts of the amplifier. However, the disadvantages are more expensive, require additional space, and only receive 2-channel stereo sound.

The benefits of purchasing a receiver are cheaper, easier to install (only one box compared to two), and you get a multi-channel, lifelike surround sound and cinematic experience.

If you don't want the best and the money in both worlds, the other option is to buy an amplifier and buyer. By combining the two, the receiver will operate as a preamplifier and transmit audio signals to the amplifier for amplification.

Driver List of the following Amplifiers and Receivers:
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